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I woke up this morning and heard a voice saying, I’M STILL HERE…I was having a very disturbing dream and I guess I just needed ASSURANCE.  

How can anyone not want to SERVE THE LORD with their whole hearts?  I know the troubles of life sometimes become so hard to bear, things happen that we can’t orchestrate, we can’t change … but JESUS IS STILL ALL YOU TRULY NEED.  

I guess I’ve been SERVING GOD for so long that it’s become my only LIFESTYLE, I know no other way.  It so often disturbs me to hear people say how much they love the LORD and not live it.  I often wonder if they realize what they are missing…the TRUE FELLOWSHIP, the many SECRETS that He would share if He knew He could trust them, the REVELATIONS from His Word, so much more.  

Every day I strive to COME TO KNOW BETTER THE GOD I SERVE, the God that we all say we love and serve.  I ask Him to SHOW ME HIS WAYS and help me to WALK IN THEM.  I ask Him to UNCOVER the things that are NOT of Him and help me to have the desire to LET THEM GO because I want to be even CLOSER TO HIM, to REPRESENT HIM more.  I want to hear His voice, see the outline of His face, follow in His steps, and know His moves, His desires, His ways…for I realize they are not my normal ways of operating.  (Isaiah 55:8)  I ask Him to let others be so amazed by MY WALK WITH HIM that they question their own, especially IF it doesn’t glorify Him. 

I realize I’m on A WALK TO PERFECTION and there will be days when I may not completely line up with the things of Him but my heart desires to.  I realize I will have to bear some “crosses” but I WON’T TURN BACK, I will continue walking until I reach that place in JESUS that He desires me to be.  Life is not a bed of roses for His children but why should we expect it to be?  The THORNS on the roses are just as important as the beautiful flower.  The aroma of that rose is because of all that had to happen before it bloomed.  All I’m trying to say is…don’t be discouraged because of what’s going on in your life.  Take courage in knowing – GOD CARES.  What can you LEARN FROM WHAT YOU’RE TRAVELLING “THROUGH”?  Don’t remain in your “through”, come out on the other side and get to your TESTimony.  You can do it, I know you can with HIS HELP. 

Are you grieving?  Stop asking why and start thanking GOD for the moments shared.  That person was on loan to you.  We miss them for sure but LIFE IS STILL IN JESUS.  Don’t be consumed by Him opening His door so HIS children can return HOME.  Are you struggling, unsure of what to do?  Don’t keep trying to figure it out.  Let Him tell you what to do, what moves to make.  (Proverbs 3:5-6)  Oh, what needless pain we bear…all because we do not carry EVERYTHING TO GOD IN PRAYER… 

Choices?  Do you have some to make?  What’s right?  What’s wrong?  Which way?  When?  So often I have to say … I DON’T KNOW but I still TRUST GOD and that’s all that matters.  Many times I do not understand why God would allow so many things to happen in my life when I’m trying so hard to be His servant, to listen, to learn, to give, to share, to be His hands, His feet, His heart on this earth.  I guess He just wants me to learn a little more about Him, to come to DEPEND ON HIM MORE than I do on myself and others.  I guess He wants others to SEE ME NEVER GIVING UP, never allowing anything at all to get the best of me.  I guess He wants me to maybe even prove to myself that I TRULY DO LOVE HIM or maybe even that I need to love and trust Him more. 

Why am I pondering so much today?  Why am I even sharing it with you?  Maybe it’s because you’re stuck in the muck and mire and need to know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE either.  Maybe you need to know that just because others appear on the outside to not be going through some things, that in reality you can’t imagine the intensity of what’s really going on but you wouldn’t know unless they told you so.  Maybe you need to wake up and hear GOD say … I AM HERE.  Maybe you need to TRUST THE GOD YOU SAY YOU SERVE.  Maybe you need to know that every minister that claims to love God with his/her whole heart doesn’t but there’s one that does.  Maybe you need to know that YOU CAN’T GIVE UP.  Maybe you need to know that there are some things going on in your life that are not of God.  Whatever the reason may be … here I ponder and I share it with you… 

I don’t know why God called me to this ministry but I do know that if I REMAIN OPEN, I can be used more.  Why are God’s people so closed-minded, so secretive?  I do know that if I don’t allow evil to overtake me, I can be used more in the lives of others.  I do know that I want THE LOVE OF JESUS to be displayed through my life more than I want to always give a harsh word to others to straighten them out.  I do know that others need to be drawn to HIS LOVE and HIS SALVATION through our walks.  I do know that we can’t be timid Christians, that we have to show discipline, self-control, understanding, mercy… but most of all LOVE to even those who treat us wrong, who speak so evil sometimes about us.  It is HIS LOVE that lifted me and I remember Him saying that IF I BE LIFTED UP! … I’LL DRAW ALL MEN UNTO ME!  So, I spend every day LIFTING UP THE NAME OF JESUS for others to hear … to wonder…to come to ACCEPT HIM and to LIVE HIM. 

Yes, I woke up this morning with much going on in my life but thank GOD I was able to hear … I’M STILL HERE… Glory! to God, I’m not alone.  Neither are you…just know that.  Believe that and move on THROUGH life…you…yes YOU!…who are highly favored … move on … forward, not backwards … forward… 

God bless!

Pastor Catherine 


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