Just sitting here thinking about the Lord.  Sometimes I get caught up and find myself so amazed, so much so that my only heart’s desire is to PLEASE HIM.  

Time is so valuable; people are here today, gone tomorrow… What will we do with the time God allows us to have? Will we tell others about Him?  Will we use this time wisely or continue living as we so often do?  Will we continue to fool ourselves that we’re alright because we’re SAVED? 

What if you knew JESUS was coming tomorrow at noon, what would you do differently today?  Would you hurry about and find something to do that will glorify Him?  Would you tell somebody unsaved that HE’S COMING and you just want them to be with you and the LORD?  Would you let go of the addictive habits you may have?  Would you DO A SELF-EXAMINATION and hope He never mentions all the many OPPORTUNITIES you had to WITNESS TO OTHERS? 

Well, Scriptures let us know in Mark 13 that we know not when THE MASTER IS COMING so we shouldn’t let Him find us sleeping.  We are to BE WATCHFUL as we wait.  We are to BE BUSY ABOUT HIS BUSINESS.  We are to be SURE OF OUR OWN SALVATION.  Time is winding down; it’s TIME-OUT for “play”.  None of us have arrived to that place of PERFECTION.  We are never to be satisfied with the “state”  we’re in, never to be so FULL OF OURSELVES that we can’t seize the OPPORTUNITY to learn more about JESUS.  

God’s people so often have so much “down-time”.  We make sure to reserve an hour or two for Sunday service (maybe) or Bible Study but somehow we feel the rest of  TIME belongs to us.  Things that we love doing we PREPARE for.  So, when we have a date, we prepare.  When someone’s coming to dinner, we prepare.  When taking family pictures, we prepare.  When going on vacation, we pack and prepare.  We dream of all the wonderful things we will do and the excitement somehow overwhelms us.  Well, it is the same with PREPARING FOR JESUS TO COME.  It’s time to GET RIGHT and GET READY!  Never give more effort to things of this world than you give to JESUS… 

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW FOR SURE JESUS WAS COMING AT NOON TOMORROW?  Take the OPPORTUNITYand do it now!  What would you say?  Hallelujah?  Well … do it NOW!  What would you do? Bow down?  Well … do it NOW!  Practice so that you will be familiar with what you are to do.  Don’t be forced to your knees due to guilt, due to your sins, due to sickness or sadness…  Be able to anticipate a WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT… 

You know…WHEN I THINK ABOUT THE LORD and all He has done for me, my soul still cries out … HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS!  Every day is filled with THANKSGIVING.  Every day I strive to be a blessing unto HIM, to be AVAILABLE, to LISTEN, to MOVE when HE says to move.  WHAT WOULD “I” DO IF I KNEW HE WAS COMING TOMORROW AT NOON? 

THE SAME THING I’M DOING RIGHT NOW … witnessing to somebody, caring about somebody, urging somebody to EXAMINE … EXAMINE … EXAMINE YOURSELF! and correct the things you are doing wrong.   I would be found thinking of Him, glorifying HIM … not myself.  I would be found with A PURE HEART and the RIGHT MOTIVES for being in service to HIM.  I would be found giving Him THE HIGHEST PRAISE!  I would be found PRACTICING WHAT I PREACH!  I would be found GUILTY! of LOVING HIM… 

Hallelujah Lord! …. Praise God … Praise God … Praise God!!!  Honor and Praise to the LAMB today people.  Glory! to His name for HE IS WORTHY! of praise for it belongeth to HIM! 


Just be assured today that HE WILL BE BACK and because nobody knows the hour nor time … I suggest we all … ALLOW HIM to help us , to prepare us for … HIS COMING … Don’t waste another moment.  

REPENT! and SUBMIT unto the mighty! hand of our God … Start this day to WALK IN OBEDIENCE.  Be READY… 

“However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.”   (Mark13:32) 


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