Lord, so many say they are Your sheep but I hear You every day calling out for them, wooing them back to Your care.  I hear You saying … WHY AREN’T THEY FOLLOWING ME?  WHY ARE THEY NOT “WILLING TO RECEIVE” ALL I HAVE FOR THEM?  THERE’S SO MUCH MORE AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS SHOW THEM DIVINE FAVOR, SHARE “ME” WITH THEM… 

Sometimes my heart becomes so heavy Lord because it’s so difficult to find people who TRULY LOVE YOU and want to SERVE YOU, people who want to JOIN IN FOR THE GOD-SIZED TASKS.   I know I’m not suppose to judge, so I try not to do that.  We all say we’re Your sheep, that we want to FOLLOW AFTER YOU and that WE LOVE YOU but the EVIDENCE is so often not there to VALIDATE OUR LOVE for You and others. 

And Lord God You’ve given us WARNINGS about FALSE PROPHETS who will come in SHEEP’S CLOTHING but really they are WOLVES (Matthew 7:15).  You said we would know them all by their FRUITS but because so many of YOUR OWN have not drawn CLOSE TO YOU, they are tactfully taken astray by those who are seeking self-gratification.  And then Lord, there are those who fail to SEEK AFTER YOU at all, they have placed YOU on their calendar instead of STAYING AVAILABLE TO BE USED BY YOU DAILY.  

Lord, I don’t understand. You’ve always been SO GOOD TO US.  I know once we’ve TRULY TASTED OF YOUR GOODNESS that we become DETERMINED TO SERVE YOU, to never turn back.  Lord, help them to TRULY TASTE OF YOU.  Sometimes YOUR SWEET FRAGRANCE fills the atmosphere and so many have a “sense” of tasting You but in reality their “spiritual mouths” have not opened to allow You to enter.  They haven’t DIGESTED YOUR LOVE in order to become FULL OF YOU.  It saddens me Lord because I want every heart to COME TO KNOW YOU… to TRULY DESIRE TO KNOW YOU.  Some days we, as Your people, are on fire for You and the next day we won’t allow a spark to be seen.  It’s off … on … off … on … But Lord, I desire to be like Jeremiah, to have that Fire! shut up in my bones!!! 

I know sheep are labeled as dumb animals.  I know that sheep often stray and that’s why they need A GOOD SHEPHERD.  I know that sometimes in order to control them legs have to be broken and they have to be CARRIED BY THE SHEPHERD.  Is this how it is with us?  Do we have to be broken in order for us to DEPEND UPON YOU?  Do we have to BE CARRIED TO THE STREAMS to drink?  Lord, my desire is to always “VOLUNTARILY” COME TO YOUR FOUNTAINS OF LIVING WATERS.  I want to be that sheep that stands out for You, that OBEDIENT ONE.  I want to be that sheep that LISTENS to YOUR EVERY COMMAND.  I want to be that sheep that realizes that I NEED YOU and need to STAY CLOSE.  I don’t want to stray Lord.  I want to continue to KNOW THE WARMTH, COMFORT and PROTECTION of MY LOVING SHEPHERD.  I want to walk in OBEDIENCE to You and have You proud of me.  I want to BE USED as Your hands, Your feet and Your heart.  I want others to desire to be with You too because they notice something DIFFERENT about me, that I possess a PEACE THAT SURPASSES UNDERSTANDING, a JOY UNSPEAKABLE JOY flowing from within…  I want them to WONDER ABOUT YOU because they wonder about me. 

Your Word in John 10 tells us that YOU ARE THE DOOR and that BY YOU “any” man can ENTER IN AND BE SAVED.  You said we’d FIND PASTURE in YOU.  You tell us that YOU ARE THE GOOD SHEPHERD and that it is YOU and ONLY YOU that has GIVEN YOUR LIFE for the sheep.  And Lord You said that YOUR SHEEP will KNOW YOUR VOICE, that we would KNOW YOU.  My prayer today Lord is that YOUR SHEEP will come to KNOW YOUR VOICE and FOLLOW AFTER YOU.  My prayer is that we will always BE AWARE of the enemy, the wolves, who lie in “wait” and linger for opportune time to attack.  The enemy comes Lord to only steal, kill and destroy as You’ve already told us.  So, help us to have hearts that desire to STAY IN TUNE with You and to GIVE OURSELVES AWAY TO YOU. 

Lord, You are the ONLY ONE WHO LAID DOWN YOUR LIFE FOR US … THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB … HOLY AND BLAMELESS … Don’t stop CALLING  FOR US to RETURN.  Even when Your voice becomes faint to us, we’ll hear and we will eventually come.  Keep us close to Your heart Lord, I know You will.  In the darkness of the night we ask that You continue to SHINE YOUR LIGHT UPON US and LEAD US HOME TO YOU.  I’m so thankful Lord that one day You left the ninety-nine and came after me. I am so thankful that YOU SAVED ME.  I am so thankful that YOU COVER ME DAILY IN YOUR LOVE.  I am so thankful that YOU FIND ME USEFUL TO YOU.  I am so thankful that YOU’RE MAKING EVERY CROOKED PATH IN MY LIFE STRAIGHT so that I can reach You.  My heart longs for You.  With arms open wide, I’ll always come RUNNING TO YOU… 

I want for nothing Lord because I know YOU ARE MY SHEPHERD and IN YOU I have everything I need.  I will rest today in YOUR GREEN PASTURES.  Thank You for this time IN YOU, for allowing me to SUP WITH YOU for a little while.  Keep me and keep us all close to Your heart I pray…Amen and Amen. 



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