CAN’T NOBODY DO ME LIKE JESUS!  I need to tell you that – THERE’S A STORM OUT OVER THE OCEAN AND IT’S MOVING THIS OLE WAY!!!  If your soul’s not anchored in JESUS … you will SURELY drift away! 

Last night I was again caught in the midst of storms while TRYING TO MAKE IT HOME.  The rain, wind, thunder and lightning was furious but I HAD NO FEAR because my soul is ANCHORED IN JESUS!  It was suddenly!  And His return shall be SUDDENLY!  You might not have time at that moment to GET IT TOGETHER.  I later found out there was A TORNADO WARNING.

As I had to drive very slowly in order to continue moving, many cars hurriedly zoomed past me in this dangerous weather.  All I could think was …ARE THEY SAVED?  DO THEY KNOW MY JESUS?

God has, for many days now, given us SERIOUS AND STRONG WARNING SIGNS.  He is still SEATED ON HIS THRONE and THE TIME IS NOW! to get it right.  He’s not playing with us, not fooling around.  And I can imagine He’s saying – WHO DO YOU THINK YOUARE? BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP ME…YOU WILL GIVE ME THE HONOR AND RESPECT THAT I DESERVE!

We can preach, teach, witness, dance, fall to our knees and pray against the storms…but NOTHING! can stop what GOD HAS ORDAINED!  It all belongs to HIM!  He is the MASTER of it all.  Now, instead of trying to redirect HIS DOINGS, why not try to REDIRECT YOUR LIVES?  Get it right with JESUS!  Don’t miss THE WARNING SIGNS.  Take an INVENTORY of your own life and ask THE DIRECTOR to get you back on course.

Oh yes … the storms are MOVING THIS OLE WAY and I pray your soul is ANCHORED IN JESUS!  Don’t look at me …LOOK AT YOU!… Don’t pray about me … PRAY ABOUT YOU.  Ask God to get each one of us INDIVIDUALLY into HIS WILL.  It’s not even about us people, this walk is about JESUS!  So, my advice today for some of us is … STOP THE NONSENSE … STOP THE FOOLISHNESS … STOP THE ACTING …GET RIGHT! …GET READY! and GET ON BOARD HIS SHIP.  It’s anchored and it’s SAFE…

If you can’t SEE THE SIGNS … I can.  “Playday” is over!!! GET IT TOGETHER and LET’S DO JESUS until He comes.  Grab a hold of HIM and LET’S DO JESUS!  Nothing else is satisfying but JESUS! … INVENTORY … inventory …. inventory!  Judge “you” … not Sally, not John, not me … JUDGE SELF and let’s get to TRULY walking this walk.  Somebody over there is WAITING TO HEAR ABOUT JESUS before He comes.  Take off that “EGO” (Edging God Out) and let’s GO!!!

Oh, it’s A DESPERATE SITUATION for sure.  As I waited for that “blow” that would take me out last night, I sang, talked to JESUS and said … “LORD, I’m anchored in YOU.  I know I won’t drift away because You’re on the boat with me and I’m in Your care regardless of what happens.”   SO! … here I sit today typing this message to you … PLAYDAY IS OVER! … He brought me through the storm again because HE KNEW I WOULD BE OBEDIENT and tell you so…

Family, RECEIVE all that HE has for you…get out of HIS WAY.  Let’s GET IT RIGHT.  Love you much and if He didn’t say so, I wouldn’t be saying so.  I love HIM just that much! … to walk in OBEDIENCE and guess what?  HE LOVES YOU TOO!  He has CHOSEN ME, along with others, for this hour to SPEAK TO YOU.  Let’s get it right…


Pastor Catherine


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