Oh Jesus, I love You.  I love You enough to LIVE YOU.  You are MY MORE THAN ENOUGH GOD!  Nothing and nobody compares to You.  No accolades from man, no connections, no friendships, no fame, no titles, nothing! will ever take Your place in my life. 

There is no way we, Your people, can LIVE YOU until we LOVE YOU with everything within us…heart, soul and mind. (Deuteronomy 6:5)  There’s simply no way we can come to LOVE OTHERS until we ALLOW You to manifest YOUR LOVE in and through us.  There’s no way we can preach and teach YOU and be EFFECTIVE WITNESSES until we KNOW YOU, until we KNOW YOUR LOVE because YOU ARE THAT LOVE.   We oftentimes are not operating as AMBASSADORS in You.  What an awesome RESPONSIBILITY, to allow the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE to USE US for Himself in such a way.  Help us Lord to KNOW WHO AND WHOSE WE ARE.  Give us a sense of PRIDE in KNOWING OUR STATUS in You.  Help us to REMAIN HUMBLE, not prideful and puffed up.  Take us beyond just knowing about You to UNDERSTANDING YOU and YOUR WAYS and help us to WALK IN WISDOM, to make THE RIGHT DECISIONS that satisfy You.

Lord, I don’t want to miss a thing.  I don’t want to get so DISTRACTED with self and pleasing others that I miss out on YOU.  I don’t want to pray and ask for You to LIVE IN AND THROUGH ME and then not RECEIVE what You have for me.  I don’t understand all You’re doing but one thing I know for sure is … I WANT TO BE IN ON IT!  My soul says YES LORD! … YES!  I don’t want to become so BUSY working for You that I miss out on Your workings within me.  Help me to always ALLOW You to lead me … not man, not appointments, not performances, not bookings, not worldly prestige…  I ask that YOU KEEP ME HUMBLE Lord.  Let me SEE THE NEEDS of others.  Let me always be reminded that this walk is about KINGDOM BUILDING and KINGDOM PURPOSE and not about me.  I pray my heart stays OPEN TO CONVICTION so that I can never ever get “full of myself”.

Let Your people always hear YOUR VOICE coming from my lips.  Let them always recognize that my mind is FOCUSED ON YOU.  I’m far from perfect as man sees me Lord but I’m glad You’ve already MADE ME PERFECT IN YOU.  So glad that I AM WHAT YOU SAY THAT I AM.  Thank You for calling me holy, thank You for calling me WONDERFULLY MADE, thank You for helping me to SEE THE “ME” THAT YOU SEE because it has enabled me to KNOW WHO AND WHOSE I AM.  This walk to SEEYOUR FACE has been and is A TRUE ADVENTURE.  I am amazed at all You show me and tell me.  I am amazed at what You’re doing in my life and the lives of others.  I am amazed how You keep on shining FAVOR upon me and upon all that You tell me to set my hands to do.  I am amazed that in every time of lack YOU SHOW UP in ways I never imagined.  I am amazed when I OPEN YOUR SCRIPTURES and YOU SPEAK to me.  As I thought on You just today You brought to mind I Corinthians 2:9 – “…’No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined WHAT GOD HAS PREPARED for those who LOVE HIM.’”  Your Spirit reveals so much to us who TRULY love You and causes us to REMAIN IN A “PECULIAR” STATE.  I love where YOU have me and I thank You for CHOOSING ME.

So, today I ask that You would draw us all CLOSER TO YOU.  Help Your people to have a desire to SEEK AFTER YOU God, to STAND UP IN YOUR LOVE and to STAY IN YOUR LOVE.  Lord, teach us to OPERATE IN YOUR LOVE.  How can we fight the enemy when we’re fighting each other?  How can we GLORIFY You God when we’re glorifying ourselves?  How can we have a heart for others if we don’t have a heart for YOU?  Make us to know that You are OUR MORE THAN ENOUGH GOD and maybe then we’ll strive to WALK OUT YOUR LOVE.  Bless Your people as they continue STRIVING TO BE MORE LIKE YOU.  Show them FAVOR, show them PURPOSE in You…

Waiting to meet MY MORE THAN ENOUGH GOD face-to-face!  And that’s more than enough to keep me excited!!!


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