Hear my heart Lord I pray…You are my Everything, my Alpha and Omega God…Counselor and Friend.  YOU’VE AMAZED ME like no other, shown me things I would have never seen without You.  You’ve touched! my life in areas that nobody can reach but You.  You’ve allowed me to hear Your voice and experience so much of YOUR GLORY.  You’ve taken my brokenness and made of it MASTERPIECES for Yourself, displaying so often even the brokenness to reach others.  You’ve patterned my life and caused me to realize that I AM PRECIOUS to You.  Where could I find such a LOVE as Yours except IN YOU?

I look to You only for I have found YOU to BE TRUE to me, always here for me.  Whatever You tell me, I know You will perform.  You’re always RESTORING ME AND USING ME for Your PURPOSE.  You’ve told me that You have A PLAN for my life and as I WAIT FOR YOU to bring it to fruition, the days and nights sometimes become so long and lonely, yet I know I’m not alone. To know that YOUR FAVOR IS UPON MYLIFE causes me to RUN ON a little further, longing for others to TRULY understand Your Plan for their lives too.  Sometimes I get a bit discouraged because Your people so often take advantage of all You’ve done for us, all that You’ve given unto us.  Just knowing that YOU GAVE YOUR LIFE for me lets me know that I, too, must continue to give my life to and for YOU.

I just come today Lord to simply say that I  LOVE YOU AND YOU CAN USE ME … YOUR WILLING VESSEL.  You know Lord, the SIMPLICITY of my life has caused me to come to know You better.  Sometimes material riches and the desire to be noticed in the eye of man cause us to stray so far away from You.  I witness it all the time as others convince themselves they are IN YOUR WILL.  My heart causes me to PRAY for them and continue.  You know Lord, I don’t always do the things others would desire of me and I don’t always say what they want to hear.  Sometimes they even wonder about the God that moves within me and causes me to REMAIN PECULIAR.  And Lord if I concentrated on the outward man and not the inner man, I would be daily distracted and not reach the GOALS You have set for my life.  I totally rely on You Lord to continue to ORDER MY STEPS IN YOU.

I heard You the other day when You said to FEED MY SHEEP and so I made sure that happened.  I heard You when You said take all that You have, all that I have GIVEN unto you and USE IT FOR MY GLORY, for MY KINGDOM BUILDING.  I heard You also say that as I give unto You, You will make sure that I RECEIVE A RETURN FROM YOU.  All I can do is TRUST YOU GOD.  All I can do is DEPEND ON YOU…I am never truly depleted because I HAVE YOU.

My heart today longs to beat ONLY for You.  My ears are OPEN AND ATTENTIVE to Your Voice.  My eyes are OPEN AND FOCUSED to see the things of You.  My body is mobile and READY TO MOVE at Your Command.  I don’t know from day to day what You will allow but I do know that I’M WILLING TO BE USED.  Oh God, what You can do to and through A WILLING VESSEL amazes me.  When I think about all we’ve been THROUGH together … all I can say is GLORY TO YOU GOD! … Glory! … Glory! … to YOU!  Everything within me cry out HALLELUJAH! to my King!!! Thank You Lord for being here, thank You…

Now Lord, You know the desperation of every situation in my life.  You know where I stand at this moment in every area of my life and You’ve always made a way out of no way.  You’ve always BEEN that Way, my SAVIOR … my RESCURER.   I smile as I say that Lord because I see You as MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR.  I know YOU SEE THE DESPERATION OF MY HEART to STAY IN AN OBEDIENT AND PREPARED STATE in order to be used by You.  I thank You in advance for what You’ve already done before I see it and I MOVE FORWARD to walk into it. 

Your Plan for my life is for GOOD and not evil.  You said I have A HOPE and A FUTURE and I BELIEVE that.  I read that Lord in Jeremiah 29:11.  So, as I LISTEN FOR YOUR VOICE, I know You’ll get me to where YOU desire me to be.  I don’t have to understand it all but I do have to remain HUMBLE, WILLING and READY in order to RECEIVE ALL that You have for me and Your people.  I have A MADE-UP MIND, my heart is fixed on YOU.  I’ll continue to TRUST You.  I WON’T COMPLAIN because as they say … all of my good days outweigh the bad days…

I love You Lord.  I look forward to seeing what will happen in this day, another page to add to this chapter of my life … write it God as ONLY YOU CAN.




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