O’ God … less of me …. and more of YOU … LESS OF ME AND MORE OF YOU is what I NEED.  Help me to share with Your people Lord.  Help me I pray … I bless Your name God …  I come at this time to give unto You the glory, the honor, the praise and worship that YOU so deserve.  Work O’ God within the lives of Your people on this day.  O’ God, I pray that You cause Your people to long for You and I do.  

Dear God, there’s so much we’re missing and I just ask today that You will draw Your people right now! by the moving of Your Spirit … mmmmmm … Help us all to long Heavenly Father to walk in HUMILITY and in OBDIENCE to You.  There’s such a longing to be with You Lord and this is the only way I can reach You where it really matters…in this place of WORSHIP.  In this place O’ God YOU CHANGE OUR PERSPECTIVE.  In this place You allow us to touch You and You somehow touch! us where it really matters.  O’ God You empower! us to DO the things You would have us to do while here in this barren land.  It is in this place O’ God where mountains become molehills, where storms cease! and calmness take over.  It is in this place O’ God that RESORATION comes and nothing else can overtake us but YOU and the presence of Your wonderful LOVE.  It is in this place Heavenly Father where You make crooked! paths straight, where desert land is filled with fresh springs of water.  It is in this place My God where Your power! overtakes us and we know for sure that WE CAN MAKE IT, that we can WAIT ON YOU as You tarry to come back for Your Church.  

O’ Lord, cause Your people to long for YOU, cause Your people to hunger for YOU.  Cause us to thirst for You as the deer thirst for water.  Let us taste! O’ God how good You are. .  Help us to LET GO of the desires to achieve status in this ole world and long to find our TRUE STATUS IN YOU.  Strip us! Heavenly Father of us … less of us… less! … less! … less! … and more of YOU!  More LOVE O’ God … more LOVE that represents YOU, more POWER! to walk this earth, to REPRESENT You well.  Power! to love right, power! to act right, power! to see right, power! to hear right … Power! to touch! hallelujah! a heart, a body, a life.  Cause Your healing to appear!  right now.   

I ask O’ God that You will touch! bodies and cause healing!  Touch! broken hearts and mend … touch! minds O’ God and give them the mind of YOU. Help Your people to know the SERIOUSNESS OF THIS WALK, to vow to  BECOME AVAILABLE to You.  My heart cries out to You today Lord as tears fall from my eyes … my heart cries out because we’re missing the Mark.  My heart cries out because Your people somehow have convinced themselves that they are pleasing You as they long for titles and status.

My heart cries out because somewhere a little baby is crying and a mother is searching for food to satisfy the hunger of her children.  Lord, somewhere a prostitute wants more and can’t seem to understand how to achieve it.  And I see God a lonely heart behind prison walls just wanting A NEW CHANCE AT LIFE.  I see an elderly person and nobody visits, tears falling and scales covers their eyes preventing them from feeding themselves.  I see broken limbs and broken hearts all around Lord and nobody to come to their aid as we sit and tell ourselves we’re serving You God.  I see large homes and fine cars and beautiful buildings and empty hearts that have ceased to serve You.  They are lost God but do not know they are lost.  My God … too much for me to see … 

O’ I am longing God to DO more in You, to Be more in You.  My heart cries out God … Show me more of Your glory!  Show me more of Your power! … less of me and more of You is what I need.  I want Your glory so that I can allow You to use me more.  I need more power Lord to demonstrate to this generation that You yet live!  Live more through me God … live through my hands, my feet, my eyes, my mind, my heart … live O’ God … I am AN OPEN, ACCEPTING, RECEIVING VESSEL IN YOUR HAND … Mold me Lord … shape me, break me, crush! me … remold me …. cause Your life to be magnified within and through my life … I’ll do anything for You O God … anything to BE what You desire me to be … USE ME IS MY PRAYER ON THIS DAY …. In Jesus’ name I do pray … Amen …. and Amen… 


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