Who will serve YOU Lord?  Who will DO what You have asked us to do?  Oh God, where are Your TRUE SERVANTS?  I ponder today Lord … I ponder….

Looking at the condition of the world, looking at the state of all that’s going on, all that has gone on … Lord, I ask again .. WHO WILL SERVE YOU?  I know You’re calling even Yours to REPENTANCE.  Open our spiritual ears to hear YOU.  The church houses are full and even there they are arguing amongst themselves and sinning more than those who don’t know You.  There so oftentimes appear to be NO JESUS within.  Oh do they TRULY KNOW YOU JESUS?

We quote and recite Scripture all day long.  We sing songs to You, we dance before You, we preach and teach and travel, argue over the way we’re going to do this program and that program, attend revival after revival year after year and for what God?  We dress up to sit up in church and WAIT FOR THE WORD.  We so often come in expecting somebody to pump us up, to prime us to a place of “feeling” good.  For a moment Lord, we forget our problems, get “hyped” and then leave.  The residue from the service stays with us for a moment and we go back as we were until the next Sunday.  LORD, WHAT ARE WE DOING?

And I don’t mean to sound so down on Your people but Lord, I’m so tired of “play days”.  So many souls out there WAITING on Your people to come to their rescue.  Who will “roll up their spiritual sleeves” and work?  Who?  Things have been made so convenient for us Lord and truth be told the only witnessing many do is to witness via FaceBook and other modes within the home.  But God, so many on the outside do not have computers but they do have “issues” of the heart.  Lord, why do we spend so much time with each other and not those who are unsaved?  WHO WILL GO GOD?  Who will go?

So, my heart aches today Lord.  My heart aches because I have such a desire to GO to the rescue of Your people.  My heart aches because I need the means to do so.  My heart aches because there are so many that can but won’t.  My heart aches because I HEAR THE CRIES OF YOUR PEOPLE and I want to answer.  I long to tell them about the ONE WHO SAVED ME, placed JOY WITHIN.  It seems that those who are WILLING can’t even get the means to do so.  I’ve watched as one of Your young ones ask for donations to go to Kenya for months now and slowly the funds come.  I only wish I could have done more God.  If only I could have given the entire thing for him to GO in answer to Your call.  But we say we belong to You?  Why aren’t we willing Lord?  Why aren’t we willing to help others?  You’ve been so, so good to us.  We have sometimes so much and others have nothing, so it seems.  LORD, WHAT ARE WE DOING?  Who will go? Who will DO YOUR WILL?

Yes, it seems as if I’m complaining or maybe “dumping” on Your people but truly I’m not.  I am trying the best I know how to cause CONVICTION of hearts Lord.  We’re failing You and I just want to see You return to that Church You desire to see.  So, I’m having a little talk with You and sharing it with just a few that say they are Yours.  I’m emptying my heart so that I can continue Lord.  I’m talking to those who daily listen and look for input from those who are WILLING TO GIVE YOU THE TIME to use them.

So, now that I’m done with that Lord I will continue.  Touch! the hearts of Your people Lord.  Convict! and cause us all to become BUSY IN DOING YOUR WORK until You come.  Don’t allow us to be complacent Lord.  So many are sick, so many destitute, so many just need to hear I LOVE YOU.  So many have lost hope, ready to give up … urge us to GO!  I know You can heal this land Lord but first the “land of our hearts” must be healed.  Do it JESUS because I know YOU can.  Have a heart to heart talk with each and every one of us and when it’s over I pray … we become CHRIST-ians…

“Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. “  (II Chronicles 7:14)


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