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The difference is…instead of going to church, GOD COMES TO THE CHURCH!!!  Then you leave out not talking about the choir who got you to shout, not talking about the Pastor or minister who preached … but! … GOD!!!  A wow! of a time!!!!  You leave telling the world of His showing up! When His Holiness engulfs the atmosphere and the magnitude is so enormous that He brings you to your knees, tears swell up in your eyes because HE came Himself, you bow down before A HOLY GOD because “this is holy ground” … now that’s what I’m talking about! 

When God shows up and commence to healing right before your eyes.  When HE causes the dumb to talk and the lame to walk! …. when God touches! a body and makes it line up the way HE called it to be in the beginning … when God touches! blind eyes and they suddenly began to see again … when HE tells that demon called “cancer” to go back! hallelujah! from whence it came and it obeys … when HE takes a heart and draws it to Him … when He touches a back and the pain ceases or a heart and it begins to beat in the rhythm designed … oh this is when we’ve been FAVORED! 

I do believe we have this thing all backwards “CHURCH”.  It’s not about your voice or your preaching or your edifice, how beautiful it is nor about your robes. It’s not about the wonderful program “you” put together or the number of people that reside in “your” church.  It’s not about how much you know and how many schools you’ve been to.  It’s not about your car or your house or your children or your titles … IT’S ABOUT GOD! 

When we are able to SEE GOD MOVING IN THE MIDST OF HIS PEOPLE … when NOTHING ELSE MATTERS BUT EXPERIENCING HIM … when HE FAVORS US ENOUGH to come in and preach HIMSELF without the hollering and screaming and whooping and oh, enough of that! … when HE CALLS US to a place of PRAISE AND WORSHIP, turning all minds and hearts to HIMSELF … that’s BEING THE CHURCH.  When HE tells you in the spiritual realm what your ASSIGNMENT IS and BECKONS YOU to do it IN HIS TIMING, when HE ASSIGNS it to you and causes you to WALK IN IT … oh, how we are missing it, how we are teaching others to miss it too.  Glory! to God!!! 

I don’t care who gives me kudos here … I want SPIRITUAL KUDOS FROM GOD … “WELL DONE MY DAUGHTER” … Who cares about the worldly kudos when we can have spiritual.  It’s FAITH-BUILDING TIME.  Let’s concentrate on allowing HIM to help us grow that mustard-seed faith that we have.  Let’s congregate together to MEET GOD in the midst.  Let’s see what HE desires for the day.  Let’s be revived every day as we BOW BEFORE HIM, as we give HIM the praise, the glory, the honor that HE DESERVES. Let’s ask HIM what our assignments are for the day.  Let’s STOP WASTING HIS TIME doing all the things that gives us comfort during the day.  HE has CALLED US TO DUTY and we must BE EQUIPPED to carry out the assignments.  Somebody is WAITING ON JESUS… 

What are you really craving?  GOOD-CHURCH or GOD-CHURCH?  Wake up! Wake up!  … Wake up to NEW LIFE IN HIM.  And when we’ve had all these MARVELOUS ENCOUNTERS, all these ANSWERS TO PRAYER … let’s go out and TELL SOMEBODY like all those whom we read about in the Bible.  They just COULDN’T KEEP IT TO THEMSELVES!!! 

Oh, Lord … I thank You for finding FAVOR with Higher Praise Christian Church.  I thank You because in the midst of a few humbled servants You continuously show YOURSELF to us who come in EXPECTATION and ANTICIPATION … never knowing what You’re going to do but always grateful.  Your majesty and power! is far beyond me even explaining…

I love You Lord … I honor YOU on this day … I know this for myself Lord … You are TRULY GREAT!!!

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