Lord, I simply come to You today to extol You.  I come today to acknowledge to Your people that I know of Your greatness.  I come to say that THERE’S NOBODY GREATER THAN YOU.  Every breath that we breathe is from You.  Every move that we make You allow.  My heart overflows with LOVE for You. You’ve placed JOY, JOY, JOY! deep down within that springs up! and causes me to SMILE IN THE MIDST OF TROUBLES.

I ask today that if there be any sin lurking within that You would convict me that I may REPENT and allow You to remove it, to cleanse me, to prepare me and USE ME for Your glory.  I pray dear Lord these things because I DESIRE TO BE OPEN TO THIS GREAT MOVE that You have promised within my life and the life of Higher Praise Christian Church. 

Father, I saw A GREAT MOVE on yesterday as Your people voluntarily reached out to one that was destitute. I saw A GREAT MOVE OF GOD right before my eyes as they wrapped their love around one that was hungry and hopeless, coming in and needing to SEE JESUS.  I am so proud to pastor such a people Lord.

And Lord, for the awesome DISPLAY OF SIGNS AND WONDERS within the temple, we thank You for FINDING FAVOR IN US.  We thank You for the ANOINTING, for the atmosphere of HOLINESS.  We thank You for the AROMA OF LOVE AND APPROVAL.  As You touched! each life and spoke into it we stood at AWE of all that You were doing.  As TEARS flowed from Your people and DELIVERANCE was received, as the shackles fell off and JOY returned, we once again came to the understanding of HOW GREAT YOU ARE.  For allowing such a thick cloud of Your presence within the place time and time again, we realize You have a special assignment for us because the FAVOR has been so great.

So many have not witnessed Your Power Lord.  So many do not long to be VESSELS to be used by You.  So many ritualistically attend fellowship services and leave the same way they came in but I thank You for the HUNGER AND THRIST of Your people. I thank You for the VISION You’ve given and the path we’ve traveled.  We look forward to all You’re about to do through Your people. THE GREATEST MOVE You’ve ever made for us was coming from heaven to earth to offer us YOUR SALVATION.  We thank You dear Jesus for the LOVE and SACRIFICE.

To prove to You how much WE LOVE YOU LORD, we shall continue to give HONOR to You, to not only wear the name that YOU gave unto us of HIGHER PRAISE CHRISTIAN CHURCH but vow to give You that praise and worship You are so deserving of.  Take us higher Lord in You and use us as Your hands and feet, as Your eyes and ears, as YOUR HEART to show Your LOVE.  We continue to give You the HIGHEST PRAISE … Hallelujah! … Hallelujah! … Hallelujah!  We do indeed praise You God…

We bless Your Name on this day and promise not to live this life in vain.  We bless Your Name O’ God and vow to serve You. We bless Your name dear Jesus and thank You for choosing us. It is in Your Name we do pray.  Amen and Amen.


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