How far have you REALLY gotten on this JOURNEY TO THE KING?  Is SUCCESS measured by the “things” you get, the “things” you have, the “things” given to you, the “places” you go, the “people” you see, the “times” you return, the “job” you have and the “car” you ride in?  How far have you REALLY gotten in PLEASING THE LORD?

Do you know that IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LORD sparing your life, IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LORD pulling your coat-tail, IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LORD supplying your needs, IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LORD providing those around you to help sustain you, IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LORD extending HIS GRACE AND MERCY to you and to me, IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LORD holding back! from you and holding back from me … what we REALLY deserve, we would all be out of here and dancing around in a place of torment eternally?

You see, we can’t measure SUCCESS by our status in this world.  We can only measure SUCCESS by our status in GOD’S WORLD! and ON GOD’S TERMS.  Strive as you must (so you think) to gain approval of man, strive as you must to get the best of what “the world” has to offer, strive IF you must to get your titles and your riches and your material goods but! know that when sickness comes, know that when death is approaching and when loved ones leave, when children are disruptive and spouses appear to lose their minds that … all that you’ve gained on your own (so you think) will not help you to rest as you lay your head on that silk pillowcase. Know that when your world is turned upside down! that none of these things and none of these people will be able to make you content, know that your status matters not when God calls a loved one home because you must deal with it internally, nobody can soothe that heart but JESUS.  When disasters come and take away all that you’ve “worked for”, all that you’ve labored day and night for, all that you’ve put your trust in … know that it won’t miraculously appear again and what if it did, it could all be blown away again.  So, what’s left?  Despair?  Hurt? Dismay?  IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LORD!!!!! … glory to God!!!!

So, maybe we should measure SUCCESS differently.  Maybe we should measure SUCCESS by the nights we lay our heads on our pillows and we’re able to get a good night’s rest.  Maybe we should measure SUCCESS by the hearts that we touch! and the smiles that we cause.  Maybe we should measure SUCCESS by the times we’re able to raise our hands and thank God for just another day to serve Him.  Maybe we should measure SUCCESS by the health HE keeps us in or the times HE RESCUES US from ourselves and others.  Maybe we should measure SUCCESS by the times we OBEDIENTLY move in His Will.  Maybe we should measure SUCCESS by the reaping of “harvest” for the Lord.  Maybe we should measure SUCCESS by the contentment we walk in.  Maybe we should measure SUCCESS by the times THE LORD CALLS US TO SHOW UP FOR HIM.  Maybe we should measure SUCCESS by the prayers He answers.  Maybe we should measure SUCCESS by knowing that HE IS PLEASED.  Material things and words that keep us “hyped” in ourselves don’t measure SUCCESS IN GOD’S EYES.

When someone comes to you and thank you for touching their hearts, for allowing GOD to use you, when someone comes and tells you that no longer do they desire to take his or her own life or when children call on you instead of  anybody else because they know your heart is pure, or when GOD USES YOU to show HIMSELF, not us but HIMSELF … this is when you know you’re on the way to TRUE SUCCESS IN THE LORD.

Are you STRIVING FOR SUCCESS?  Are you holding on to that FAITH?  Are you realizing that IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LORD where you would be? Are you finding yourself further than you were last month in Him? Are you reaping spiritually?  Are you even CONTENT?  Are you able to look back from whence you came and know that IT HAD TO BE THE LORD THAT BROUGHT YOU THIS FAR?  There’s nothing wrong with gaining material things, don’t get me wrong.  It’s the motive behind gaining it, the intentions of having it, the hearts and lives you encounter while getting them whether or not you intentionally stepped on somebody or crushed relationships and destroyed hope in others.  Oh, IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LORD holding back HIS WRATH on all of us!!!!

O’ God of Mercy and Grace … hold back the wrath that You could extend until we OFFER THEM JESUS.  Make us to be a people willing to share You, willing to stand before You knowing that we’ve allowed YOU to reign in our lives.  Bring prosperity to those whom You know will make glorify You in it and with it.  Touch! lives and deliver Your people from the bondage of sin, the bondage of depression and oppression.  Prosper them spiritually O’ God and let them know that much awaits those who are DESTINED TO SERVE YOU.  Fill hearts with YOUR RICHNESS Lord and let their barns overflow with ANOINTING.  Lord, everybody’s worried about “tithes” and “titles”, everybody’s worried about greater “things” in life.  CHANGE OUR HEARTS O’ God and cause us to be CONCERNED about the things You are concerned about.  Break our hearts O’ God and help our hearts be touched! by those things that touches Your heart … by tears … by need … by sickness … by brokenness.  Make our tongues to speak of You, to offer You and Your marvelous LOVE AND SALVATION to others.  I know that IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU LORD, I know that IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU I’d be lost in a world of sin.  I thank You for allowing me to live in this world, for being a small flicker of LIGHT FOR YOU.  Thank You for illuminating my heart and for holding me IN YOUR HANDS and displaying YOURSELF through me.  I’m not all I will be but I’m glad that You find use of ME!!!!



2 Responses to “IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LORD…”

  1. Rev. Joshua says:

    I keep telling myself… I gotta keep pressing on no matter how I may feel or who says what about me! I’m not in this for myself nor people, I’m determined to do God’s will!!!! No longer will i be afraid and hide and I won’t let God down! Because He’s on my side, I CANNOT be defeated!!! Thanks Pastor for this reminder… If it HAD NOT been for the Lord!!!! smh

  2. RevCatherine says:

    Hey my friend, God is shifting and a-moving you on to greater heights! They don’t understand so don’t even let it distract you. You’ve been created for greater things in Christ. You have a heart after God’s Own heart and He’s going to take you places their feet will never tread. The anointing cost Rev. Joshua, it costs much. I’ve been through so much all my life but I know God is ready to propel me into my Destiny and I still see you there. Are we traveling the nations together? May be time to leave those behind who aren’t for you, who can’t see what God has in store for you. Maybe it’s time to leave those that are into the “religion” of things, time to shut down so GOD can truly use you to the magniture HE desires. I’m telling you Minister, they are pimps, yep! they are, they want to use you to get the money! … to get a little spiritual fix. COME OUT FROM AMONGST THEM! Enjoy your time with mom because you’re getting ready to leave her for the world! Enjoy that down time.

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