GOD has just blessed me … again. I must admit that I’ve been a bit discouraged because my desire to serve God is so great and I was wondering if anybody really wants to serve HIM as I do. So many “talk the talk” but don’t want to “walk the walk.”  It is so discouraging at times because we refuse to come out of ourselves and sadly we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re all that God desires us to be. 

I do not think of myself as anything but A NOBODY TRYING TO TELL SOMEBODY ABOUT A GOD THAT CAN SAVE AND HEAL ANYBODY.  I am a humble servant to A MAGNIFICENT GOD who has blessed me beyond measure.  I don’t try to steal HIS GLORY because I know I can’t.  Instead, my desire is to allow others, through my walk, to share in my walk that is so beautiful with JESUS.  I am always amazed at the things HE does in and through my life, the people I meet, the tasks HE assigns.  Life has been very difficult, pains very deep, misunderstandings many … but when I am able to STAND again I am blessed to continue to be a blessing to others.  My only true desire is to WALK IN OBEDIENCE and to hear WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT.

Today God just blessed me again through one of my sweet “daughters”, her boyfriend and her daughter.  Heather was sent to me from God, a broken vessel needing LOVE.  She presently lives with me.  She just came in and said, “Here Mama”.  I asked her if I had missed something like maybe my birthday which is only 17 days away!!!  She said, “No” but we wanted you to have this. It was a card with even some money in it (the card was enough).  I will share it with you.  That’s all I have to offer today … I am thanking GOD for encouraging my heart.  Little does she know how she has been used in my life on this day ….

The written words within the card:

It’s a comfort to know that there are heroes among us – regular people, just like you-

Willing to do what they can to make the world a better place.

Heroes give instead of take. They act instead of talk.

They step forward and do the hard and unseen jobs, to give the best of themselves-

Measuring their own success not by wealth or comfort, but by the lives they touch along the way.

That’s what heroes do-

And you are one of those people.

Maybe you don’t think of yourself that way-

but that’s what you are.

And I just want to tell you how grateful I am to know you and to know that there are heroes like you in the world.   (J. F. Peterson)

Love, Sherard, Chloe and Heather

And now I continue … that’s all I needed …

GOD spoke to me today through some of my babies … HE said WELL DONE! 


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