Sometimes it seems as if GOD has forgotten you.  I come today to tell you to stop worrying, stop being concerned because …. GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU…

When God does A NEW THING within you, when HE IS PREPARING YOU FOR GREATNESS IN HIM, it is a lonely place but don’t you be lonely.  He is still with you.  He promised you that, to never leave nor forsake you.  Don’t grow weary in this dry land.  LIFT UP YOUR HEADS unto the hills from whence cometh your Help for it comes from HIM!

It’s time to recognize that YOU ARE A JEWEL no matter what others may think or say … KNOW YOUR STATUS!  You are … A DIAMOND IN THE RUT and GOD is causing all things to LINE UP FOR YOUR GOOD AND HIS GLORY within you.  GOD HAS NOT! FORGOTTEN YOU … nor has He forgotten me.  It is JUST A MATTER OF TIME and He shall bring you forth to DISPLAY YOU TO THE WORLD.  Hold on and BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS…

God is STRIPPING those things and people from you that will cause you to be distracted.  He’s PRUNNING YOU FOR SUCCESS IN HIM.  The PROCESS is not pleasant, the heartaches are many and the misunderstandings are expected.  You see, not many will TRULY give themselves away to the LORD but GOD KNOWS that every desire within you is to PLEASE HIM.  You are A POWERFUL SOURCE IN HIS HANDS and you will REACH MANY for Him.

When the riches of this world means nothing to you and when status quo is nothing in your eyes, when your every heart’s desire is to BE AVAILABLE unto the LORD, there’s A DESERT, a barren place of PERFECTION that you must spend time in with HIM.  You will not die.  YOU SHALL LIVE! AND DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD (Psalm 118:17).  You will live! hallelujah! and DECLARE WHAT HE HAS DONE!!!  Because NOBODY BUT JESUS could have bought you THROUGH!!!

So, on this day just KNOW that GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU.  The silent place where HE has you should be A WELCOME PLACE.  The attacks are BUILDING YOU and PERFECTING YOU and PREPARING YOU for all that already is in the future. It’s right in front you and you’re about to STEP INTO IT.   Don’t be weary of well-doing … don’t!  Just keep on PRESSING TOWARD THE MARK OF HIS HIGH CALLING.  And don’t forget to RETREAT IN HIM when you feel you can’t move another inch.  Don’t allow people and the world to drain you of the little energy that you have.  It’s okay to BECOME STINGY at times because NOBODY KNOWS THE TROUBLES YOU’RE REALLY EXPERIENCING.  Due to your LOVE for GOD and His people … you press on to HEAR WELL DONE!

My friends, if this is you (because it is certainly me in this season) … BE ENCOURAGED IN THE LORD.  Your DELIVERANCE IS NIGH!  This is a great place to be because the ANTICIPATION and EXPECTATION will soon be fulfilled!  Glory! to God.  The MUST IN YOUR SPIRIT … the URGENCY to DO what HE desires will soon be rewarded.  HOLD ON my brother … HOLD ON my sister!!!!  THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!

Knowing that there are some out there experiencing what I’m experiencing I just had to come out of this dry place for a moment to tell you that because I love you just that much and HE LOVES YOU …

Just know that … GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!…


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