Lord, I hear You calling us … I hear Your voice so clearly and I answer with a YES LORD…HIGHER LORD….HIGHER!

I come to You O’ God on this day, a day that we have titled THE NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER.  I come Lord calling upon Your HOLY NAME and beckoning for You to hear my heart God, to hear my prayer.  Lord, I come with a humble heart and I come with PRAISE on my lips.  I come with OPENESS OF SPIRIT and a HEART TO RECEIVE.  I come O’ God in the spirit of WORSHIP and I come knowing that YOU HAVE ASSIGNMENTS for ALL Your people to accomplish.

I come SEEKING GUIDANCE for every eye that reads and every heart that receives.  Lord, call us ACCOUNTABLE, convict! our hearts I pray.  Lord, cause AN URGENCY and A MUST! in our spirits.  Every nation we must reach, every ear must hear of YOU AND YOUR SAVING GRACE.  Teach us to be KINGDOM PEOPLE Lord.  Take away our prideful ways and humble us I pray.  Lord, strip us! of titles that we may have given ourselves and allow us to see ourselves as YOU see us.  And for those who have received titles from YOU, help us to WALK IN THEM and to be ever so pleasing unto YOU.

Father, I ask forgiveness for us all.  I ask that You will break us down! and rebuild us with stronger desires to SERVE You.  Break our hearts God with those things that break Your heart.  I ask that You will make this day and every day a day that we offer THANKSGIVING to You for the way You’ve brought us THROUGH, the way YOU’VE MADE A WAY and been OUR WAY out of perilous times. 

Lord, link us to people who TRULY want to glorify You, to serve You and not themselves.  Lord, link us with those who have hearts to MOVE FORWARD in You.  Link us with those who are UNSELFISH and who have great desire to SOUL-SEARCH for You.  Lord, we are so often a selfish people; we PERPETRATE FRAUD and call it CHRISTIANITY.  We bless ourselves before we bless YOU and others.  We fit into our churches and we go from day to day waiting to arrive again to the sanctuary to bless You together IN OUR OWN WAYS.  We convince ourselves that we’re serving You to the max just because the church is full of saved people.  Lord, help us to GO OUT BEYOND THE WALLS in search of those unsaved. 

All the gifts You’ve GIVEN UNTO US I ask that You would bring forth to bless You and Your people.  Show us how to BECOME AVAILABLE to YOU, how to ALLOW You to CHANGE OUR AGENDAS.  Heavenly Father, don’t let us rest until we are SERVING YOU THE WAY YOU DESIRE.  You desire that we BE AMBASSARDORS for You, so TEACH US YOUR WAY.  And Lord for those who are BUSY IN YOU, those who are DESTINED TO DO THINGS YOUR WAY, pour down an ANOINTING that causes them to know that YOU ARE PLEASED. 

Father, strengthen where weak, guide where mis-guided, focus where focus is lost.  Bless us … YOUR PEOPLE Lord.  Bless this nation and every nation.  As YOU SEND US OUT, we thank You for TRUSTING US as we learn to further TRUST YOU.  Touch! and heal Lord.  You said that IF Your people who are CALLED BY YOUR NAME would only HUMBLE THEMSELVES and this is our greatest issue, we know not how to come to YOU in humility.  So help us with the first step Lord and we shall PRAY and ask You to help us to TURN FROM OUR EVIL WAYS and then we’ll SEEK YOUR FACE while believing that You will HEAL OUR NATION.  (II Chronicles 7:14) 

Lord, we thank You just for this OPPORTUNITY TO PRAY.  I, personally, thank You for birthing me in a nation where I’M FREE TO SERVE YOU, free to be all that You’ve created me to be.  Station angels of protection around those who are in harm’s way.  Bless them still to be blessings unto YOU and others.  Lord, let the people HEAR Your call.  Let the response be A RESPONSE OF YES LORD.  Help us to WALK IN OUR YES I pray.  Lord, I love You so much and my soul desire is to serve You.  I await to hear WELL DONE.  You know this is what causes me to CONTINUE.  I can’t wait to see You Lord.  I can’t wait to see Your face.  Thanks for always encouraging my heart.  Bless Your people now with Your presence. 

Amen and Amen.

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