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What does your heart say?  What does your home say?  What does your “church” say?  What does your life say?  What does it REALLY represent?  If JESUS was to sit you down and just talk to you for a moment, would He be able to commend you and say WELL DONE?

What lurks within your heart that cause others to wonder about your salvation?  What lurks within you to cause people to say … mmmmmmm, this doesn’t match up with what he’s saying or what he’s preaching or talking?  What causes others to see you thanking God for all He’s done and given unto you but it’s not SHARED WITH OTHERS?  What causes you to see the condition of the hearts of others and not desire to INTRODUCE THEM TO JESUS?  What’s really in your heart?

Your home?  Is it yours?  Is it God’s?  What causes you to desire the best, sometimes more than you can afford and say GOD GAVE IT TO ME and yet you refuse to share?  Why do we buy the best of everything when we could downgrade and SHARE with others the so-called BLESSINGS FROM GOD?  Why is it that people with no children need a home with four bedrooms and refuse to “house” others?  Why is that we have beautiful china but never use it?  Why is that we lay beautiful carpet but nobody feet but ours walk on it?  Why do we make it white carpet?  Is it as welcoming as it is beautiful?  Why is it that we ponder on what foods to fill our refrigerators with but never share what’s in it?  Why do we fill the cupboards and know others are hungry and in need and not share what we have?  Why don’t we SEE THE NEEDS OF OTHERS? 

Church? …. mmmmmm … why is it that the ole church people say … “Our doors swing on WELCOME HINGES” and when some destitute person comes through they witness sour faces and many times no LOVE?  Sometimes it’s so bad you start wondering why they bought the sour grapes and started sucking on them.  Why do we look people up and down and judge them by what they wear?  Why do we not want to sit by someone homeless or someone who looks different from us?  Why do we not want to hug them, to allow them to share their testimonies?  Why is that we are so FULL OF OURSELVES that JESUS refuse to even show up?  Why are we jumping around and being slain in the spirit but come up the same?  Why is it that when we’re down we don’t ALLOW HIM to FIX IT JESUS?  Why is that we don’t allow Him to perform HEART SURGERY?  Why don’t we allow Him to MEND OUR BROKEN HEARTS?  Why is that we think more about church offerings than we do THE WORD OF GOD?  Why is that we want a song that allows us to clap and sway more than one that makes us FOCUS ON US AND GOD?  Why do we want to praise and praise and never MOVE HIGHER TO WORSHIP?  Why don’t we raise our hands in worship and lift our voices unto HIM in THANKSGIVING? Why do we think we’ve had “church” when we come home happy and excited?  Why is it that we can’t recognize that we haven’t had CHURCH until we BECOME THE CHURCH and walk out this CHURCH BUSINESS that JESUS HAS ASSIGNED TO US?  Why is that we can’t GET REAL IN JESUS?  Why do “church people” always have something to say to others that they don’t live themselves?  Why aren’t our HEARTS OPEN TO JESUS and SAYING WELCOME HOLY SPIRIT? 

Why all the questions today?  Sometimes it’s just GOOD TO BE REMINDED OF WHO WE SHOULD BE or WHO WE SHOULD DESIRE TO BECOME.  Double-minded people are surely unstable in ALL their ways. Straddling the fence can hurt us indeed.  Whose side are we on?  Really?  Whose side are we on?  What’s TRULY in our hearts?  Is it a spirit of WELCOME that we walk in?  If somebody disagrees with you or calls you out, what happens?  Do you WELCOME constructive criticism GIVEN IN LOVE to make you a better person for CHRIST?  

Is it time for some more HEART SURGERY?  Can we ALLOW JESUS TO COMPLETE WHAT HE STARTED IN US?  How many warnings do we need in order to SEE WHAT DAMAGE WE’VE ALLOWED satan TO DO?  Will we allow the Lord to hang HIS WELCOME SIGN within our hearts.  Will we ALLOW HIM to clean us up?  Will you allow your heart to say ….



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