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Who told you that life would be smooth?  Who said it would be FREE from pain?  Who told you that when you became a CHRISTian that you’d be sailing without winds, without turbulence, without other hindrances that interfere with your MAKING IT IN TO SHORE?  Who told you that sickness wouldn’t come, jobs wouldn’t go, friends wouldn’t turn, bills would always be paid, and misunderstandings wouldn’t be?  Who told you that life would be a bowl of cherries?  WHO SET YOU UP?  And now that you know that it was all untrue, why won’t you GET UP AND LIVE AGAIN?

One thing about so many CHRISTians, we so often look for the “finer” things of life, of this ole world.  We fail to realize that WE HAVE THE BEST IN US already. We toil and toil and toil trying to make ourselves rich, trying to make ourselves look important, trying to outdo the next, and trying to get to where GOD didn’t purpose us to be.  We buy the best and say GOD DID IT, we travel and travel and say GOD DID IT, we spend and spend and spend some more and say GOD TOLD ME I COULD DO IT. We get better things, bigger houses, more clothes, more shoes than an army could wear and we say GOD DID IT FOR ME!  Well, did HE?

Ever thought about the fact that IF God is doing it, God would tell you to share what you got, open your door to the homeless, feed the sick, clothe the naked, go see about the down-trotten, bless those around you, seed into that ministry, get up and ANSWER MY CALL?  If God was in all that we do, we would recognize that HE IS IN IT and the outcome would prayerfully give OPPORTUNITY TO GLORIFY HIM.  We wouldn’t wonder what’s happening when the STRONG WINDS OF LIFE occur because we would already know that GOD CAN USE IT. We wouldn’t fret every time things don’t run smoothly, every time we can’t figure it out, every time our lives are turned upside down!

Oh the storms are there for GOD’S PURPOSE and we shouldn’t get caught up in the winds and drift away.  Is your SOUL ANCHORED today?  Do you have A MADE-UP MIND?  Are you seeing what GOD desires for you to see as you’re CAUGHT UP! in the storm?  Are you rocking and a-reeling for nothing or are you GETTING ALL YOU CAN FROM IT?  What’s the LESSON?  What’s the REASON God has allowed this storm?  Don’t let the winds be for nothing saint!!!  STAND UP! and HOLD ON while knowing that JESUS IS ON THAT SHIP with you and HE’S NOT ASLEEP ANYMORE!  He’s within you and you need to CLING TO THAT BLESSED HOPE while knowing you’re SAFE IN HIM. 

So, let the winds blow!  Let the seas roar!!!!!!  Let the ship rock! and roll … HOLD ON! … HOLD ON!!!!!!  GET A GRIP and JUST HOLD ON!  You’re coming in soon.  Oh, YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE IT TODAY!  You’re going to make it!  Get up!  Every time you’re knocked down … GET BACK UP!  Don’t you dare stay down … Oh, those winds have a PURPOSE!  Don’t miss it!  Let GOD use it for HIS PURPOSE!!!!!

Blow winds blow!  Blow!!!!!!!  MY SOUL’S BEEN ANCHORED IN THE LORD!  Oh yes … MY SOUL IS ANCHORED IN THE LORD!!!!!!!!  Hallelujah!  Thank YOU JESUS!  Thanking YOU today for SAFETY IN YOU!

Blow winds! … blow!!!!!!!  Glory to God!  Blow winds … the more you blow the BETTER I GET IN HIM!!!!!!!!!  Thank You Lord for TRUSTING ME IN THIS STORM because I SURE TRUST YOU! I’m anchored in the LORD! …….. Continue … continue GOD’S PEOPLE!  … continue!  … hold on and continue!

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