And … ARE YOU TRULY PREPARED to die?  Are you sure of your DESTINATION?  Will your ANCHOR hold to THE SOLID ROCK?  How sure are you? 

The storms in your life, they continue but! … are you sure you’ll SURVIVE NO MATTER WHAT?  Survival doesn’t always mean you’ll stay on this side, SURVIVAL IN JESUS means you’ll END UP WITH HIM no matter what!  Do you really have A TRUE RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM?  Are you SURE OF YOUR SALVATION?  Nobody can answer that but YOU AND JESUS.  Was it, is it … A MATTER OF THE HEART?  When you accepted HIM, was it by mouth, by mind or by HEART?  What kind of DECISION was it? 

You know … many can’t follow THE WAYS OF CHRIST because they are not SAVED.  So many walked up the aisle following somebody else when very young.  Many came because somebody pushed them and they really didn’t understand what they were doing, nobody explained THE PLAN OF SALVATION to them.  Many came out of fright, out of disgust with life.  Why did you ACCEPT JESUS INTO YOUR HEART? DID YOU?  And why is it at such a long time “supposedly” being SAVED that you can’t hear from Him?  WHAT IF YOU DID DIE?  What if it is YOUR TIME?  Are you SURE OF YOUR SALVATION?  Is your soul ANCHORED IN JESUS?  

Make sure today that YOUR ANCHOR IS HOLDING in the LORD.  Make sure that He’s your SAVIOR.  Make sure that this is not a religious game.  Make sure that your walk is TRUE.  Make sure that you’ve gone from religion to RELATIONSHIP.  Make sure that your ONLY MOTIVE IS TO BE IN HIS SERVICE.  Make sure that He’s your KING of kings and LORD of lords! Make sure that you’re SAVED today. 

And if you are … YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE READY TO DIE for the cause of CHRIST.  It bewilders me why so many are afraid of death.  It’s sting has been taken away, remember?  To close your eyes and wake up IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD … Wow!  It’s only A QUICK TRANSITION to EVERLASTING LIFE … a wink!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying “death come on” … I’m saying … “death, I’m not afraid of you!”  And as we look forward to JESUS’ COMING or our leaving this world to join Him, we should STAND BOLD and STRONG IN HIM while knowing that ANYWAY YOU BLESS ME LORD, I’LL BE SATISFIED!!! 

Make sure “saints” that you belong to HIM.  Make sure that the anger that you always walk in, the sin that you can’t beat, the sickness you’re experiencing, the non-motivation, the future you can’t seem to grasp, the unsettledness in spirit … whatever it may be … make sure it’s not because of your SALVATION STATUS.  That pit of pity you’re in today …you can come out IF Jesus is your SAVIOR.  Just reach!!!  ARE YOU READY TO DIE?  Who said you had to die anyway?  Who said the waves should overtake you?  Who said so?  FIND YOUR PLACE IN HIM!  This storm shall not overtake you!  You’re going to LIVE!  This storm is nothing but a little threat!  Weather it!!!  Hold on because you’re anchored … right?  If you’re uncertain, maybe you should TRY THIS AGAIN … and this time with a heart-felt plea … 

“Lord, I am a sinner but I heard about YOUR SAVING GRACE.  I believe Your Son was raised from the dead and I am confessing it with my mouth on this day.  I believe it in my heart.  I want to be saved.  I want You to COME INTO MY HEART AND LIVE within me.  MAKE MY HEART YOUR HOME I pray.  Do whatever You must to MAKE ME WHAT YOU DESIRE.  Be Lord over my life and shape me into the person YOU would have me to be.  Make it so I know MY ULTIMATE DESTINATION will be to LIVE WITH YOU FOREVERMORE.  And while I’m waiting on You down here, I just want You to USE ME however You desire.  I give my life to You on this day because YOU GAVE YOUR LIFE FOR ME. Thank You for coming back to get me, for receiving me into Your kingdom.  Amen and Amen.” 

Now, STAY ON THE SHIP … you got your PASSPORT!  Stay on the ship and don’t be afraid of the turbulence of life.  Now you are… 

READY TO DIE!!!!!!! 


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