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Pain … Who wants to go through PAIN?  Who really wants to go through BROKENNESS?  Who wants to take on the hurt and thriving intensity of deep HEART-FELT PAIN?  Who wants to INNOCENTLY take on PAIN?  Are any of you WILLING to take it on?  Who will give up your rights and STAY IN THE GAME even in the midst of such PAIN? 

As I ASK GOD TO GROW ME UP IN HIM and as I DAILY READ HIS HOLY WORD, I see its TRUTH BEING REVEALED right before me in my own life.  I find that in order to TRULY UNDERSTAND what GOD is trying to tell me that I must GO THROUGH some UNDESERVED PAIN.  There will be times when God’s people will be ACCUSED BUT INNOCENT, BROKEN BUT NOT DESTROYED!  There will be times when we’ve DONE ALL WE CAN to aid and assist others, to uplift, to pray, to teach, to encourage, to warn … to forgive.  And you say … GOD, WHAT IS THIS?  And you hear Him whisper … “This is the BITTER SWEET PAIN that I told you about.  This is what I SUFFERED FOR YOU. You said you wanted to come to KNOW Me, it’s all a part of you TRULY GETTING TO KNOW ME.” 

So … the PAIN IS BITTER but GETTING CLOSER TO HIM is so sweet.  I’ve come to realize that IT’S WITHIN THE BROKENNESS that GOD HAS REVEALED HIMSELF more to me.  So, now as GOD ALLOWS things to happen I am quick to LOOK FOR THE LESSON.  God, what can I get out of this FOR YOU?  What are YOU trying to tell me?  How do I handle this?  Why does it hurt so badly? Show me how to  GET THROUGH THIS PAIN.  Is this how You felt LORD?  Did we do this to YOU?  Our sins … on You.  Lord, I don’t fully feel Your pain but I do believe I understand a little more now.  Lord God, yes this hurts but! … I know YOU CAN put me back together again.  So I will weather this storm and I will soon be back sailing again.  This pain is indeed BITTER! But … mmmmmm … SWEET IT IS IN YOU! 

You see saints … you won’t GET TO WHERE HE WANTS YOU until you stop whining and complaining and decide to GO THROUGH knowing that YOU’RE NEVER ALONE.  Anything that comes into your life has to be GIVEN PERMISSION by our God, right?  So, if HE allowed it … find the “why” of it.  What is supposed to be gained out of this?  What can I learn?  What can I accomplish with HIS HELP?  What is this going to do for HIS PURPOSE in my life?  Don’t give up, DON’T QUIT!  It’s at the point of your desiring to quit that HE WILL STEP IN and RIGHT ON TIME because HE IS AN ON-TIME GOD!!!  He knows THE BITTERNESS OF PAIN but He loved us enough to TAKE IT ON.

Yes, sometimes it is ….

BITTER SWEET PAIN… but! … continue…

2 Responses to “BITTER SWEET PAIN…”

  1. S. Rocke says:

    Yes indeed, I believe this to be so true…I am encouraged by the Word in so many ways but the one thing it has taught me is to enjoy the journey…with all of its ups and downs… to enjoy it because God is always in the midst of it and is The One in control of it…so if we just take each day step by step and not take our eyes off of Him and keep our minds set on Him that is where our peace lies…we keep moving but the stillness is in believing and focusing on Him and not the problems or what others are thinking or saying when you set yourself apart to strengthen and remain still and in your very personal relationshipwith God. Whenever I’m going through, I’m watching for the greater outcome. He’s got all the battles in our lives and He is the One to help us win the war!

  2. RevCatherine says:

    The journey is worth the pain because we know where it ends. Our God is an awesome God indeed and there’s no better place to be than in His Will. We’ve all come a long way and I believe the journey’s almost over. We’re moving into our season of blessings, bountiful blessings that causes a shift in our lives that glorifies Him even more. Stay in the race … just stay in the race.

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