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How does your WITNESS … your TESTIMONY … your LIFE … cause anyone to BE PERSUADED?  How will you be able to convince anyone else that JESUS IS REAL if they are unable to SEE THE EVIDENCE of what HE has done in your life?  How will they BE CONVINCED if there’s no excitement about ALL HE’S DONE FOR AND WITHIN YOU?  How will they know He can bring them out if you never ACT AS IF YOU’RE OUT?  Even before it happens, we should be WALKING IN HIS VICTORY, exercising the FAITH we say we have.


We sing it all the time but then we fall prey to satan’s silly games that cause us to glorify him in our persona.  We show our lives as gloom and doom, our faces filled with smiles turned upside down.  We complain, judge and try to capture others in our “world” of dissatisfaction.  Sometimes we don’t even realize it, we justify our actions.  But! … if we’re going to sing the song … WALK IN IT!  If we’re going to speak JESUS, speak LIFE!  If we’re going to tell somebody how we were DELIVERED from death, act like it!  JESUS IS ALIVE AND WELL and we should be too.  GET EXCITED!!!  TELL EVERYBODY THAT JESUS CHRIST IS KING!!!!

We even have a way of judging how others praise God but we, ourselves won’t.  For instance let’s talk about music … traditional … contemporary … country … rap … hip hop, whatever it may be.  Who am I to judge what you hear in your heart and head when it comes to Christ.  I may not like it myself but somebody else might!  But … because I know the LOVE OF JESUS through you, because I can see that your heart is chasing after HIM, I learn to look beyond my “personal likings/preference” and bask in the glory of what GOD is doing with and through you.  It’s kinda like Kirk Franklin, M.C. Hammer, Smokey Robinson and others. They didn’t stop dancing and singing they just CHANGED PARTNERS!   Halellujah!!!!  Praise God for that!  Now they are ministering to others about our LORD!  All I’m trying to say is … If you’re talking about JESUS … BE PERSUASIVE. If you’re singing about Him, BE PERSUASIVE.  If you say He controls your life … BE PERSUASIVE in it.  Don’t live a lie and be satisfied in living it. Let GOD use you if you say you LOVE AND SERVE HIM.

I’m so thankful today that GOD IS A GOD OF THE HEART.  I’m so thankful that HE LOOKS BEYOND OUR FAULTS AND SEES OUR NEEDS.  I’m so thankful that I’ve learn to LOVE INSPITE OF.  I’m so thankful that the life that I live is pleasing to HIM.  I’m so thankful that God loves me and He loves you enough to be patient with us.  Let Him move us to THE HOLINESS OF HIM.  Praise Him all you want, anyway you can but! … when it’s time for INTIMACY WITH HIM, you got to drop! the rest because HE wants all attention on HIM and He’ll call HIS ANGELS to sing those heavenly songs … mmmm, I can hear them now.  Can you?

Oh, to KNOW HIM is to LOVE HIM.  To TRULY LOVE HIM is to desire to KNOW HIM.  Be CONVINCIVE in your walk by BEING REAL.  Time to take steps beyond baby steps.  No longer babes in Christ, we’re suppose to be looking for those to call them in to become babes that they too can MATURE IN HIM, BECOME ADULTS IN HIM. 

Are you ready to stop just talking and start walking?  Are you ready to …


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