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Pain … Who wants to go through PAIN?  Who really wants to go through BROKENNESS?  Who wants to take on the hurt and thriving intensity of deep HEART-FELT PAIN?  Who wants to INNOCENTLY take on PAIN?  Are any of you WILLING to take it on?  Who will give up your rights and STAY IN THE […]

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0 Today I don’t have a lot to say because … I AM PONDERING.  I visited one of my minister friends in the hospital last night and as I sit there … I PONDERED.  I’ve made so many visits to hospitals and seen so much sickness.  I’ve prayed, sometimes people are MIRACULOUSLY HEALED and sometimes […]

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0 So … “the devil made you do it!” … so you say? … Well, SHAKE HIM OFF! in the name of Jesus!!!  It’s time to LIVE FOR JESUS!  It’s time for FREEDOM IN HIM!  It’s time for REALNESS IN HIM.  No matter how you sing it, say it, read it … you ought to […]

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0 What does your heart say?  What does your home say?  What does your “church” say?  What does your life say?  What does it REALLY represent?  If JESUS was to sit you down and just talk to you for a moment, would He be able to commend you and say WELL DONE? What lurks within […]

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0 And where are you taking it?  What are you doing with all THE JUNK IN YOUR TRUNK?  To whom are you trying to throw it to, at … and for what REASON?  Why are you trying so hard to carry YOU AND YOUR WAYS with you to get to THIS JESUS DESTINATION?  Why don’t […]

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0 And … ARE YOU TRULY PREPARED to die?  Are you sure of your DESTINATION?  Will your ANCHOR hold to THE SOLID ROCK?  How sure are you?  The storms in your life, they continue but! … are you sure you’ll SURVIVE NO MATTER WHAT?  Survival doesn’t always mean you’ll stay on this side, SURVIVAL IN […]

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0 GOD IS WAITING FOR YOU to get some things done for HIM.  STOP WASTING HIS TIME.  You may be having the greatest of times in the “state” that you’re in.  You may be enjoying church but ARE YOU BEING THE CHURCH?  You may have big houses and fancy cars but WHO RIDES IN THEM?  […]

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0 Who told you that life would be smooth?  Who said it would be FREE from pain?  Who told you that when you became a CHRISTian that you’d be sailing without winds, without turbulence, without other hindrances that interfere with your MAKING IT IN TO SHORE?  Who told you that sickness wouldn’t come, jobs wouldn’t […]

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How does your WITNESS … your TESTIMONY … your LIFE … cause anyone to BE PERSUADED?  How will you be able to convince anyone else that JESUS IS REAL if they are unable to SEE THE EVIDENCE of what HE has done in your life?  How will they BE CONVINCED if there’s no excitement about […]

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0 I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying – “WILL YOU GO?” … “WILL YOU GO?” … “WILL YOU GO?”  and everything within me says … YES! … YES! … YES LORD, I’LL GO! It is time for us to FISH FOR JESUS.  It is time for us to GET UP! AND GET OUT […]

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