Sunday morning … WHO’S IN THE TEMPLE?  I’ve so often heard it said that Sunday morning is one of the most SEGREGATED TIMES there is.  So many congregations full of people who look like each other…same race, same actions … they dress alike and everything!!!  Nobody willing to let anybody else know who they “really are”.  Congregations full of “robots”, doing what they’re told and trying to look “spiritually healthy”.  Inside they are torn up, messed up! and don’t know how to fix it.  Before leaving home they put on their “masks” and proceed to their churches all dressed up in their titles and with smiles on their faces that seem to be painted on and looking for A GOOD TIME.  But … WHO’S REALLY IN THE TEMPLE?

Sitting beside you may be somebody who just got up from a restless night.  Sitting beside you may be someone who was just abused, somebody who just “shot up”, somebody who may have a body full of disease, somebody whose mind is wandering or maybe somebody whose electricity will soon be turned off or will have no place to stay at any moment.  Maybe somebody just got up from a bed of fornication, adultery or somebody who can’t seem to be delivered from homosexually.  WHO’S IN THE TEMPLE?

Can people FEEL FREE telling you who they really are?  Can they tell you that satan has a hold on them, that they desire to change but they don’t have the willpower, the strength to stay on track?  Can people tell you that they are afraid, that their faith is being tested?  Can people tell you that they are grieving over a loved one or concerned about a wayward spouse or child or any family member?  Can people ask you for PRAYER and you really pray?  Can they tell you that they spent the night wrestling not with God but with a demon?  Oh, WHO’S IN THE TEMPLE?

I longed for a ministry that would ACCEPT ANYBODY.  I longed for a ministry that would PRAY FOR OTHERS and BE CONCERNED ABOUT A EACH OTHER.  I longed for a place where drug addicts and alcoholics could come in and sit right by people who have businesses and material goods and they didn’t mind sharing.  I longed for a people that wouldn’t mind sharing their tears, their hugs, their testimonies … I longed for a place to go where God didn’t have to fit into their schedules but they FIT INTO HIS.  I longed for a place where God would SHOW HIMSELF, a place where SIGNS, MIRACLES AND WONDERS would be evident.  I longed for a place where it didn’t matter who entered the temple because GOD WAS ALREADY THERE OCCUPYING and HIS PRESENCE HOVERING OVER IT and all He desired was for us to COME IN AND BASK.

I thank God that today I don’t have to worry about WHO’S IN THE TEMPLE because I know that ….

GOD IS IN THE TEMPLE and GOD is in our “temples”.  We shall BE ABOUT THE FATHER’S BUSINESS and we shall WITNESS TO OTHERS of His LOVE, His SALVATION and His POWER! to change any situation.

Thank YOU Lord for trusting us …. Thank You for BEING IN THE “TEMPLES” ….


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