Whatever it takes …. whatever it takes to make me … the person YOU would have me to be … Are you willing to say that?




There exists too many “whiny Christians”.  Who’s willing to STAND in the midst of hardships?  Who’s willing to STAND in the midst of beatings?  Who’s willing to STAND and take on WHATEVER GOD ALLOWS to come into your life?  Who’s willing to change the way you handle problems, situations, circumstances?  Who’s willing to ALLOW GOD TO USE WHATEVER HE ALLOWS?

Many times we’re attacked because of OUR LOVE FOR CHRIST being TESTED.  Many times we’re talked about, rebuked and scorned FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST.  Many times He’s using us to show the world that we can REJOICE EVEN DURING SUFFERING.  Many times we’re INNOCENT, so innocent of the thoughts and words others are throwing against us … How do you handle it?  Many times the LOVE we have for the ones who have TURNED AGAINST YOU causes our hearts to be ripped! … torn … but! … How do you handle it?

How can we grow to KNOW JESUS without going through some PAIN?  How can we grow to KNOW THE GOD WE SAY WE SERVE without HIS TRAINING in long-suffering, patience, kindness, love, etc.  How do we really GET TO KNOW THE HEART OF GOD if we don’t want to GO THROUGH?

Why is it that we don’t already EXPECT SUFFERING to come?  Why is it that we don’t USE IT?  Why is it that we become angry and think we should retaliate … we should be exempt from this pain?  And why is it that so many CHRISTians inflict NEEDLESS PAIN on others?  Why is it that we can’t ALL GET-ALONG?  I know … it’s because there’s still TOO MUCH OF “US” IN THE WAY.

My life has not been PAIN-FREE.  It seems I’ve endured pain almost all my life but from the pain I clung and still CLING TO JESUS.  I cling to the TRUTH of knowing that ONE DAY IT SHALL ALL PASS.  I cling to knowing that I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS that HE promised He’d be with me no matter what.  I cling to the thought of LEARNING WHAT I CAN AS I GO THROUGH … what is there to LEARN ABOUT JESUS?   You would not know some of the things I’ve been through unless I tell you.  It’s kinda like the Hebrew boys thrown in the fiery furnace … come out! without the residue because they weren’t alone!!!!!  Oh, fire can’t burn us up, it can only CLEANSE US, burn off what shouldn’t be there anyway!  And when the FIRE! OF THE HOLY GHOST is allowed to take control, you can truly say … PURIFY ME LORD!  Let it burn off so I can become MORE LIKE YOU!!!

So, they are beating you up?  STAND! and say THANK YOU LORD!  They can’t kill you because GOD IS MAKING YOU!  He’ll tell you when to exit or when to say something and how to do it!  SMILE people of God as they beat you … confuse them … it throws them off.  SMILE because you know VENEGANCE BELONGS TO HIM and you have others things to do with your time and energy!  If you’re innocent in it … GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING!  Don’t sweat the small stuff!  Stop that whining!  I’ve never seen so many “whiny” CHRISTians.  Stop crying and PRAY!  Stop complaining and PRAY!  Stop retaliating and PRAY!  Don’t you believe yet that THE PRAYERS OF THE “RIGHTEOUS” AVAILETH MUCH?  Now, the question is … DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU’RE RIGHTEOUS? Are you WALKING IN THAT RIGHTEOUSNESS?

Oh, hurry along in your day and DO what the LORD has for you to do … And when you pull out that tissue to wipe your eyes, let it be because you’re thankful for all the LORD has done and is doing within your life.  Let there be an OVERFLOW OF JOY! so much so that tears swell up!  Stop whining over everything and GROW UP IN THE LORD.  Look satan in the eyes and say … NEXT!  SMILE at him and say – “Thank you silly for being used to make me stronger”. 

It’s time for us to KNOW WHO AND WHOSE WE ARE!  It’s time for us to GROW UP so we can assist someone else in growing …

All I have to say again is …


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