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What RUMORS are they spreading?  Are they true, are they not?  What things are being WHISPERED or VOICED OPENLY about you?  Have they MISUNDERSTOOD or have they CAPTURED YOUR HEART?  Is it PURE or is it DECEITFUL?  What are your MOTVES in doing what you do or saying what you say?

If someone had to INVESTIGATE your life, would there be TRACES OF JESUS along the way?  Would they be able to see how you came to LOVE HIM so?  Would they find that you are still WEARING A MASK?  Would they see within your heart THANKSGIVING or would they see you trying to be A PEOPLE-PLEASER instead of A GOD-PLEASER?

Suppose they OPENED THE CURTAINS of your home and peeped in, what would they see?  Suppose what they saw was not really what they thought they saw, how would you react?  Suppose the RUMORS started, what would you do, what would you say?  Suppose they sit and LISTEN CLOSELY to the things you did say, would they hear THE VOICE OF THE LORD or would they hear something different? Suppose they had not a heart to LISTEN because their hearts are not OPEN TO HEAR yet, could you find within yourself the PATIENCE TO WAIT until their hearts changed? 

Suppose they were WHISPERING and your spirit of DISCERNMENT picked it up, would you retaliate or would you PRAY ABOUT IT?  Could you CONTINUE if you were the SUBJECT AT THE DINNER TABLE but when they come in contact with you, the mask is worn?  Suppose you did sin, just suppose … and they wore out your name instead of PRAYING FOR YOU?  Suppose you strayed and stayed for a bit and you heard the RUMORS being tossed around and nobody came to see about you, what would you do?

RUMORS are dangerous and can damage the spirits of God’s people or anyone for that matter.  Are you A CARRIER?  Are you one that hear and continue to speak what you heard?  Or are you one that SPEAK TRUTH and turn a death ear to those rumors?  And if you happen to listen, will you ASK THE LORD what it is you can do to assist? 

What kind of person are you really?  Do you LOVE THE LORD enough to ASK HIM to grow you?  Are you that kind of person that awakens each day to find yourself AVAILABLE TO HIM?  And if He does give you an ASSIGNMENT TO GO, will you go?  Can somebody say they saw you today assisting someone else?  Can they speak great things as they talk about you?  Can they whisper – “He’s a great man of God”?  Can they say – “That lady sure loves the Lord”?  What can they say?  Do they even see you out and about?

It’s okay to be talked about, isn’t it?  Let the RUMORS SPREAD … Let them talk about the JESUS IN YOU.  Let His Kingdom Powers be talked about because you are the vessel HE used to manifest Himself through. Let the amazement come because you can’t help but SERVE HIM.  Let the rumors flow from the lips of the people how you GAVE GOD THE GLORY for all HE has done.  Let them speak of the goodness of the LORD! as He works through your life.

Go out and TALK ABOUT HIM … Go spread some GOOD “GOD” RUMORS, tell them about JESUS!  Talk about HIM as much as you please and gather some harvest while out there … You know the laborers are few, so go on out and TALK ABOUT YOUR JESUS! 


Love you family….

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