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Are you following one who FOLLOWS THE WAY?  Who? What? … is THE WAY?   John 14:6 lets us know that JESUS IS THE WAY.  – “Jesus saith unto him, I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE; no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.”

We’ve sometimes connected ourselves to so many people who are not FOLLOWING OUR LEADER – JESUS.  We’ve been led astray and continue on that path even when knowing it is not THAT STRAIGHT AND NARROW PATH.  We’ve become so involved in the “hype” that WE’VE LOST TOUCH WITH OUR PURPOSE.  The Holy Spirit within us has warned us time and time of our straying.  He has pricked! hearts and nudged us so often to GET BACK ON TRACK and FOLLOW HIM.  Somehow we refuse to do so. 

We’ve often become content in LIVING OUR WAY and we’ve convinced ourselves that we will be alright or that one day we’ll REPENT OF OUR SINS.  There’s such A COMPLACENCY IN OUR SPIRITS.  Our hearts somehow do not want to RECEIVE CHANGE.  We see how the people we’re connected to are living, how they glorify self or others, how they always have an answer for all the questions when you question them.  And even if you’re following your own way, you’ve been on the path so long that it seems right, doesn’t it?  JUST WHO ARE YOU “REALLY” FOLLOWING?

When you COME IN CONTACT WITH JESUS, He can and will cause CHANGE in your life IF you desire HIM to do so.  Paul, aka “Saul”, experienced A CHANGE OF HEART.  He was excellent at what he was previously doing and “thought” he was on track, doing what he was taught … FOLLOWING “his” leaders and commended for the wonderful way he carried out “his assignments”.  But one day HE MET THE REAL JESUS and NOTHING REMAINED THE SAME!  He TRULY became A FOLLOWER OF “THE WAY”.

Are you FOLLOWING “THE WAY”?  Are you WALKING IN HIS LOVE?  Are you persecuting others?  Are you never content?  Do you try to “man-handle” others?  Are you teaching TRUTH?  Are you placing yourself on a pedestal and “trying” to steal glory from God?  Are you concerned about the lives and hearts of others?  Can your heart still BE BROKEN by the fact that there are SO MANY LOST SOULS?  When you look around and SEE THE CONDITION of the hearts that live in this world, are you MOVED TO FOLLOW JESUS?  Are you moved with AN URGENT DESIRE TO KINGDOM BUILD? 

JESUS IS COMING BACK whether we all BELIEVE IT or not!!!  Don’t let Him catch you up to nothing good IN HIS NAME.  This is PASSION WEEK as they call it … JESUS and HIS PASSION for us…think on what HE DID FOR US and “ALLOW” CHANGE TO COME TO YOUR HEART.  And even if you already LOVE HIM and are following HIM, the RELATIONSHIP can always BECOME STRONGER AND MORE INTIMATE. 

Give HIM some time in your thoughts this week and think about all the many things you may have given up for LENT.  Then make sure you’ve given up the ONE THING HE WANTS … YOU!  He wants your heart to FOLLOW HIS HEART… That’s all HE desires.  HE WANTS TO USE YOU. 



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