Miracles?  Do you have GOD’S POWER to perform miracles?  What’s happening through and in your life?  If you didn’t open your mouth to speak, would anybody know you’re A CHILD OF THE LIVING KING?  If you walk into a room, does the ATMOSPHERE CHANGE?  How is He represented through your life?

Can GOD use you to show that HIS POWER still exist?  His PRECIOUS POWER OF LOVE is still real and needs to be SEEN through us, His people.  The GREATEST MIRACLE that people need to encounter is HIS POWER OF UNRESTRICTED LOVE, that AGAPE LOVE that He came to show us, that He hung, bled, died, laid, got up! then went up! to return to us by way of HIS HOLY SPIRIT.  People need to hear of His Salvation Gift offered to anyone who will receive.  Are we sharing what we received?  Where is that DRAWING POWER that causes others to BECOME KINGDOM PEOPLE?

And how is HIS POWER displayed from day to day as you see all going on around you?  What if a demon-possessed person (unsaved person) or a DEMON-INFLUENCED person (a Christian’s status when related to demonic spirits) approached you and wanted GOD’S HEALING.  What would you do?  What would you say?  Would you say – “Wait, I have to run get the Pastor or Brother So and So!!!”  What would you do?  Would you STAND and know that YOU HAVE THE POWER WITHIN to call that thing out?  Have you allowed the Spirit of God to train you in these areas?  Do you even RECOGNIZE THE POWER WITHIN you?  And if you do recognize it and haven’t allowed HIM to TRAIN you in how to OPERATE IN HIS POWER do you know that you must be careful and not mess with something you can’t handle?  Are you A DEMON SLAYER or A DEMON PLAYER? 

How long will God’s people walk in “little power”?  How long will we play around with demonic spirits?  When will we realize that this warfare is SPIRITUAL, that we’re not fighting against flesh and blood?  Why are we “killing” each other instead of helping each other BECOME FREE?  Many times it’s because we need to BE DELIVERED ourselves.  Acts 19:11-20 speaks of Paul who had been GIVEN THE POWER by GOD to perform UNUSUAL MIRACLES.  Do you know YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN THE SAME POWER?  Why not use it?  And what is “UNUSUAL MIRACLES”?  Could it be miraculous healings?  Maybe casting out demons?  Speaking those things which are not at this moment while knowing that they are?  Do you know that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO THESE THINGS and that POWER LIVES WITHIN YOU!  Yes … YOU!!!!

GOD has given unto us, His children, WONDER-WORKING POWER!  Maybe people are jumping around in churches not because of God but because of satan, maybe the FIRE IS TOO HOT!!! from the ANOINTING flowing in the atmosphere.  Maybe when they are “slain in the spirit” satan is speaking to them instead of God because when GOD is speaking the desire to be more Christ-like is evident.  Maybe they are going down so you can call that thing out! in Jesus’ name.  Spirit of discernment, do you have it?  Are you in tune with the HOLY SPIRIT? 

All I’m saying today is … OPERATE IN THE POWER WHICH HAS BEEN GIVEN UNTO YOU.  Stop settling for the smaller things in this walk and desire to BE USED BY GOD in whatever way HE desires.  Don’t allow the ANOINTING to be suppressed by RELIGION!  This walk is about RELATIONSHIP, and this relationship should be with the LORD.  He is a God of ORDER though, anything and everything done IN HIS ORDER and it shall have the EFFECTIVENESS He desires.  He will BE GLORIFIED and His people EDIFIED through what HE is allowing to occur.

DO YOU HAVE THE POWER?  His POWER!!!!!!   Since it belongs to HIM …. ALLOW HIM to use it ….

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