Lord, bowing before You on this day recognizing You as our God of LOVE, our God of PEACE, POWER! … and PURPOSE.  Thank You for choosing us.  Thank You for the PATIENCE You display.  Lord, coming before You as BROKEN VESSELS, CLAY POTS in Your hands to be molded and re-molded by YOU … Yes, we do come.  Asking O’ God that You would forgive us for our sins, those known and unknown.  And God realizing that YOU sit so high and look so low, realizing that You can see us even if we sit in a pit of pity that causes us to not recognize Your care for us. 

Your Word tells us that we can’t go anywhere O’ Lord to hide from You.  We ask that You see us where we are individually and lift us to a place in YOU where we are able to be of use to You.  Coming this morning just to speak on behalf of those who truly desire for You to bless us beyond measure with Your presence in our lives.  Lord, just asking You to direct us to Your Path that is so narrow, the path that will bring us to the TRUE KNOWLEDGE and TRUE UNDERSTANDING of You and Your ways.  Convict hearts on this day Lord of things we are not doing according to Your Word. 

Help us to see the idols in our lives and be willing to let our love for them go so that we can RECEIVE all You have for us.  Elevate us that we may come to understand that it is Your Spirit that teaches, Your Spirit that leads, Your Spirit that comforts and rearrange and restore that which is Yours.  Lord, help us to walk out CHRISTianity in such a way that others are able to recognize Your Glory that shines from within.  Help us to know that not only Moses experienced Your glory but we can too.  Help us to keep the Light of Your Love shining from within. 

And Lord, I pray for those in LEADERSHIP positions.  I pray that You will humble us Father God to know that it is a special privilege to stand and be used by YOU as a mouthpiece, a vessel, an instrument to speak to Your people.  Lord, cause hearts to come under submission on this day, submission to YOU.  Help us to find YOUR PURPOSE first for our lives and then for the ministries that You have entrusted in our care.  Lord, help us to have hearts that truly love You, hearts that are not looking for accolades and praise from others.  Help our hearts to be at rest as we strive to be all that You’ve called us to be. 

Lord, allow Your anointing to flow through this keyboard, every stroke! causing healing unto Your people.  Touch! the sick O’ Great Healer.  Touch! the minds that may be in disarrangement.  Heavenly Father we ask that You will bring correction where needed.  Help us to remember that You said You’d supply EVERY NEED and all we have to do is TRUST YOU, ABIDE IN YOU and CALL UPON YOU.  Make us the witnesses You desire us to be, letting go of the past in order to be used in the now and always keep us excited about our future.  I love You so much Lord and I just can’t wait to see You.  Nobody has ever touched my heart as You have and I STAND ACCUSED, I AM GUILTY LORD OF LOVING YOU.  Blessing Your name as we move on in this day.  Use us for Your Glory.  Station angels around Your people Lord and on this day allow them to sense Your presence as never before.  It is in Your wonderful name, Your marvelous and matchless name I pray.  Amen and Amen…


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