Suppose you were making a cake and you had all the ingredients set aside.  You pour the ingredients into a bowl …. cake mix, eggs, oil or butter, water …  You got it right, everything you NEED.  The ingredients just sit there on the countertop in the bowl and every time you walk pass the bowl you take a little sniff and it somehow smells a little bit like cake but something just isn’t right.  Why is it that nothing’s happening?  You know YOU GOT WHAT YOU NEED in the bowl.

In order to know how good that cake is, you must STIR IT UP! and place it in the oven to bake, right?  You NEED THAT HEAT, you NEED THAT FIRE to get to THE FINISHED PRODUCT.  And as that cake bakes, the AROMA FILLS THE AIR … mmmmm …. smells soooo good… Can’t wait ‘til you TASTE IT!  So much ANTICIPATION, so much EXCITEMENT!!!

Or suppose somebody gave you a CHRISTmas gift, the wrapping on the package was sooooo pretty and you commented on it.  You placed it under your tree and you walked pass it every day just appreciating the gift but never opening it to SEE WHAT’S INSIDE.  You’re happy somebody thought so much of you and you smile every time you think about the impact you made on that person’s life.  But WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE? 

What about that gift underneath that tree?  You finally get around to opening it and everything within you seems to let go and SMILE!!!  There’s such an APPRECIATION in your spirit and a “I can’t believe he’d do this for me, that he thought so much of me.”  All the sluggishness of the day disappears and you’re now READY FOR THE WORLD because somebody really does care about you enough to SHOW you.  Everybody wonders why you’re so happy today…

Saying all this to say … IF you have been GIVEN THE GIFT OF SALVATION … IF you have ACKNOWLEDGED that you are a sinner and asked JESUS CHRIST to come into your heart … IF you have REPENTED and are ON YOUR WAY TO HEAVEN and never asked JESUS CHRIST to “LORD” OVER YOUR LIFE, never “RECEIVED” the GIFT,  the HOLY SPIRIT is “laying” there dormant … WAITING TO LEAD AND GUIDE, to DIRECT YOUR PATHS,  to TEACH YOU HIS WAYS.  It’s not automatic.  He wants you to INVITE HIM TO TAKE CONTROL.  He wants you to be so GRATEFUL to have HIM LIVING INSIDE OF YOU that you TELL HIM TO MAKE HIMSELF COMFORTABLE WITHIN. 

God wants to BLESS YOU with A LANGUAGE that allows you to TRULY COMMUNICATE WITH HIM, He wants to EMPOWER! YOU to DO GREATER THINGS IN HIM.  He wants to EQUIP YOU to carry out the assignments that others will not accept.  He wants to GIVE YOU HOLY GHOST POWER!!!  Won’t you RECEIVE THE FIRE OF THE HOLY GHOST?  Won’t you TELL HIM that you RECEIVE HIM and all that HE has for you?  Won’t you allow HIM to open up A NEW WORLD to you?  Won’t you move from attending church to LIVING AS THE CHURCH?  Will you allow HIM to touch! someone through you in order to heal?  Will you allow HIM to miraculously heal you and to USE YOU?  Do you want that EMPOWERMENT?  Do you want to RECEIVE ALL HE HAS FOR YOU?  There’s more to life than what you have.  There’s more to LIVING THIS JESUS ENCOUNTER. 

When Paul met JESUS on the Damascus Road, things started happening, didn’t it?  What’s happening in your life?  The same ole things every week?  Work Monday to Friday, Saturday cleanup day, shopping, etc. and Sunday morning is get up to “go to church”?  What’s happening?  Is that enough?  Have you settled for every week being the same?  I wake up every day EXCITED ABOUT THE DAY because I’m EXPECTING GREAT THINGS TO HAPPEN.  I’m asking the Lord what it is that HE will teach me today, how will YOU MOVE LORD?  What is it that YOU want to change in me?  What is that YOU want to do with, within and through me God?  There’s so much I want to know, so much I want HIM to teach me, to show me … I stand OPEN and READY to RECEIVE all He has for me.  Why is it that we’re more willing to get from man than we are to RECEIVE FROM GOD?  If we would put forth as much effort to PLEASE GOD as we do “man”….

Let HIM …STIR IT UP!  Let HIM stir up the GIFTS WITHIN!!!  It’s A NEW DAY …. Choose to be USED BY HIM..


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