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Shhhhhh…I MUST HEAR FROM THE LORD.  It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it just means that MY FATHER WANTS TO TALK TO ME.  So, SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … please…

Sometimes we MUST close the  world (everything and everybody) out to HEAR A WORD FROM THE LORD.  Many times there’s TOO MUCH NOISE within our lives when GOD IS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING.  He’s TRYING TO GET OUR ATTENTION and we’re busy doing everything else but LISTENING.  Sometimes HE HAS TO SIT US DOWN in order to get that ATTENTION.  He’s trying to PREPARE US, to TRAIN US UP for more USAGE IN HIM.  Will we LET HIM?

GREATER ANOINTING requires GREATER TIME WITH THE LORD.  We must STOP TALKING and LISTEN!!!!  HE doesn’t care right now what you have to say,nor what others have to say …. so GO SIT IN THE TIME OUT CHAIR!  While there, DON’T WHINE, just LISTEN.  Is this how God has to get your attention?  Do you have to be TAKEN OUT OF THE RACE for a moment, placed on the sideline in order to RECEIVE WHAT YOU NEED TO CONTINUE?  All trials and tribulations are not TESTS.  Some YOU caused but still you can LEARN A LESSON so you maybe won’t have to repeat it.

Ever been around people who find it hard to STOP TALKING?  Ever just wanted to have A CONVERSATION with them but they monopolize the time?  Before you can finish a sentence, they are talking.  Before your thoughts can form, they are answering the wrong question and on another subject?  Ever wanted to share yourself with them but they’ve already SIZED YOU UP?  Ever been GIVEN ADVICE to the wrong concern because they didn’t LISTEN?  Ever sit and tried to RESPECT THEM and at the same time in the back of your mind you’re wondering…WHY AM I HERE?  Ever want to scream…JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!!!!  I’ve been there so many times and know what happens within my spirit?  I LEAVE and THINK ON OTHER THINGS while PRAYING FOR AN ENTRANCE.

Many times I do not join a lot of ministers when I visit churches.  The reason is not that I am threatened or that I think I’m too good but it’s because there’s so much BOASTING.  Many times they are quoting Scriptures and trying to outdo the next one, sometimes loud and boisterous and many times discussing matters that shouldn’t be discussed.  Oops!  I just called “us” out! … Oh well, I still love “us”.  But what I’m trying to say is … it’s time to ALLOW GOD TO SPEAK.  Many times I just want to HEAR A WORD FROM HIM, not people.  He can bring the Word through us but it has to be SPIRIT LED.  Chitter-chatter … chitter-chatter.  Oh, sometimes HE just want us to MEDITATE, to PRAY, to BE STILL …even in the midst of many.  So, if possible, I sit out and join in on Devotional PRAISE AND WORSHIP service.

Sometimes we can FILL OUR HEADS WITH SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE that GOD CAN’T REACH OUR HEARTS.  Reason being…we already know it all or so we think.  Learn to COME TO ME AS A LITTLE CHILD … I so often hear God saying that.  HAVE A TEACHABLE SPIRIT; don’t tell me, LET ME TELL YOU because I WROTE THE BOOK!  I AM THE WORD.  It is time to QUIET DOWN and LISTEN.  GOD wants to use us in ways we never thought possible.  He wants to EXERCISE OUR FAITH, to build up some SPIRITUAL MUSCLES, to MAKE US STRONG IN HIM.  God wants to FLEX HIS POWERS THROUGH US!!! 

Are you willing to SIT DOWN AND LISTEN in order to LEARN?  How can HE use us if we’re always BUSY LEARNING FROM OTHERS?  Education is good but don’t be so OVER-EDUCATED by man that you forget to LEARN FROM GOD.  Don’t be so caught up in earthly titles that you forget your real title – SERVANT.  I love the “KISS” method.  No, not “Keep it simple stupid”, rather … KEEP IT SIMPLE SAINT!  Even a little child should understand you.  The crowds were filled with all kinds of people as JESUS STOPPED BY TO TEACH THE MULTITUDES.  Oh, what a time!!!  What a time they had with JESUS…He could relate to them no matter who they were.  EDUCATION IN JESUS causes us to be able to relate to EVERYBODY. So, if you’re going to go to school, concentrate less on the “piece of paper” that makes you a Doctor and more on getting the tidbits that will enable you to relate even to those in “high places”, in forums where JESUS may not be present in their lives.  Learn the words, the big words that get the attention and then … Come on back down and REEL THEM IN with THE SIMPLICITY OF JESUS.  Go back to THE BASICS OF REAL LIFE …. JESUS.

Oh, I want to hear HIM speak to my heart.  Don’t you? So, when He has to sit us down for a while it may be because we’re not LISTENING TO HIM, we are “leaning on our own understanding” and don’t even realize it.  Oh, HE HAS HIS WAY OF MAKING US LISTEN.  So, if you’re going through, evaluate your life.  If you’re sick “they say” unto death … evaluate your life and your LISTENING SKILLS.  If you’re full of aches and pains … HAVE A LITTLE TALK WITH DOCTOR JESUS and He’ll make everything alright.

GOD is trying to tell you something … Won’t you LISTEN?


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