Who does time belong to?  Did we make the days?  Did we make the nights?  Did we speak anything into existence?  Knowing that GOD did it, why do we try to monopolize and use TIME for ourselves?  And when we RECEIVED HIS SALVATION, did we tell Him to COME IN AND LIVE INSIDE OF US?  Did we ASK HIM TO LORD OVER OUR LIVES?  If so … WHO DO WE BELONG TO?  And … DO WE “TRULY” HAVE TIME FOR JESUS? … Have you GIVEN YOURSELF to HIM?

Acts 20:7-12 mentions Paul visiting Troas and preaching until MIDNIGHT.  He preached so long that a man fell out of the window and died!!!  No worries though, he was soon ALIVE AGAIN!  But did Paul stop preaching? NOPE!  He had MORE TO SAY before He left them.  Paul preached UNTIL DAWN!!!!  Whew!  I would have loved being in the midst!  Oh Glory!!!!  I know … not you…

What I’m trying to figure out is:  Why is it that we can go to ballgames and stay for hours? How is it that we can cheer and shout! and be so excited but for JESUS, our CHAMPION, we are so quiet and apt to leave (at least mentally) before the “game” is over, before the service is over?  Why is it that we can go to the movies and stay for hours or sit around and watch TV or bowl for hours, party for hours but FOR JESUS we do not have time?  I believe it’s time for A TIME INVENTORY?  What does your normal day include?  How many times do you say JESUS?  How much time do you spend in meditation?  In worship? In service?  Did you wake up this morning with your MIND ON JESUS?  Have you asked HIM what your day should be about?  Did you even SPEAK TO HIM?  Did you TAKE TIME TO LISTEN to Him speak back?  What’s on “your” agenda?  Did you FIT HIM IN?

On Sundays at Higher Praise Christian Church, there is a bulletin we give out to VISITORS and at the bottom there is a little note that reads:  THE ORDER OF THE SERVICE MAY CHANGE DUE TO THE MOVING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!  And this is the way it shall remain.  We come in EXPECTING HIM TO MOVE! in MIRACULOUS WAYS and HE DOES!  Who are we to say He only has 30 minutes to do it?  Who are we to set the pace?  Who are we to even tell Him to give us a 15 minute WORD FOR THE PEOPLE so they can go home or get along with “their” business?  Sometimes that MOVE doesn’t occur until the end of the service (WOW! …just went there) and we need to REFUSE TO MISS IT!   Some sleepers are asleep because they just got in, so why do we give them what they want instead of what they NEED?  Maybe while they are asleep GOD wants to perform surgery.  Why do we monitor the people and not the desires of the HOLY SPIRIT?  Are we too SET IN OUR RELIGIOUS WAYS?  Don’t you want to COME TO KNOW THE GOD WE “SAY” WE SERVE?  Do you want microwave or do you want to sniff! and experience the aroma throughout the atmosphere?  Don’t you want to WITNESS ALL THAT HE’S DOING even in this day and time?  Do you want to GO BEYOND THE NORM? 

Oh, I thank GOD for TRUSTING ME with a people who DESIRE TO ALLOW HIM TO USE THEM.  I thank Him today for those that are ON THEIR WAY to JOIN IN ON WHAT IS HAPPENING WITHIN THE MINISTRY and all that is to come.  I thank HIM in advance for all the serious minded CHRISTians that He will bring and birth from our ministry.  I thank GOD for feeding us and nurturing us and pouring into us what we need in order to GO BEYOND THE FOUR WALLS to LIVE HIS WORD.  I thank HIM for the world-wide ministry that HE has so often spoken of.  Our Faith shall get us there.  I thank HIM for the COMPASSION and LOVE that HE has placed within us and how HE MANIFEST IT THROUGH US.  I I thank HIM for ENTRUSTING IN OUR CARE broken hearts and broken lives knowing that we are OPEN TO BE USED.  I thank HIM for allowing us to witness HIS PRESENCE in the atmosphere.  I thank HIM for PERFORMING THE MIRACULOUS right before our eyes!  I thank Him for just having a place we can call HOME away from home.  I thank HIM today for all of you who take the time to read the words HE brings through me.  I am at A PLACE OF HUMILITY today and I don’t have anything spectacular to share.  I am thanking HIM for USING ME.

I GIVE MYSELF AWAY SO HE CAN USE ME…I LISTEN TO HEAR the Commander’s orders.  I LISTEN and I LOOK to see where and how HE WANTS TO USE ME. 

Will you GIVE yourself away today? 


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