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Did you make A VOW TO THE LORD?  Did you promise HIM that you’d go every step of the way IN HIM and FOR HIM?  Were you serious about that vow?  Did you make it haphazardly?  Did you know what you were saying, what you were doing?  Did you tell Him you’d stand even when you feel like sitting, talk when you feel like being quiet, and be quiet when you feel like talking?  Work when you feel like relaxing?  What vows have you made to the LORD?  What vows have you made to others?

Have you kept the VOWS that you made?  Did you give up on the PROMISES you made?  When times got hard … when the storms … when the waves … when the winds were to and fro, did you turn back?  Did you ask yourself why did I do this? How can I get out of this?  Did you die out on your promises, on your vows?  Did you PRAY and STAND DETERMINED TO KEEP THE VOWS?  How will we keep the vows we’ve made unto GOD when we can’t and won’t keep them to each other?

Broken trusts, broken dreams, and broken lives … BROKEN VOWS and justifying doing so.  Are we looking for the easy route?  Are we saying GOD can’t mend the brokenness?  Are we saying God doesn’t have the POWER TO RECONCILE?  Are we saying we’re serving a weak God or do we have WEAK FAITH? 

The VOWS THAT WE’VE MADE … time to remember them.  Time to BE DETERMINED TO KEEP THEM.  Time to TRUST GOD.  Time to TURN AROUND and GO BACK, PICK UP THAT CROSS and FOLLOW HIM.  Keep Your vows saints.  Don’t allow satan to distract you.  Don’t blame others for your weaknesses, just ask GOD to show you the way.  We CAN DO ALL THINGS my brothers and sisters through CHRIST Who has the Power! to strengthen us!!!  He is OUR POWER…

Now, get up!!!!  Do what YOU PROMISED GOD you would do.  Yeah, you!  Go DO it …


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