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So, what happens when we find out that we’ve been serving other “gods”?   

What happens when we wake up one day to the reality of what’s first within our lives?  What if it’s our jobs?  Our partners/spouses?  Our children and grandchildren?  Our houses? Cars?  Land?  Material gain?  Success?  Our pastors?  Churches?   Money?  Self?  Gifts? Talents?  Whatever it is that gets most of our ATTENTION becomes our “god”.

Truth is …. Our GOD IS A JEALOUS GOD and though it “seems” we’re “okay” in His eyes, He knows the “issues” of our hearts.  He knows every thought; He has searched us and HE KNOWS.  Psalm 139 lets us know that NOTHING’S HIDDEN.  If you continue to read the Scriptures you’ll know just how HE OPERATES, you’ll know HIS THINKING, HIS CONCERNS.  Yes, HE DOES LOVE US in spite of all the things we do wrong.  What a mighty! God we serve!!! … He wants us to LOVE HIM, to love Him enough to TURN AWAY from those things that take us away from Him, those things that cause DISTRACTIONS.

Is it time for us to ASK GOD TO SHOW US THE TRUTH of our ways?  Is it time to ASK HIM to REVEAL UNTO US … US?  If we desire to have A CLOSER WALK WITH HIM, it is necessary to INVENTORY OUR LIVES.  And after this inventory, after we recognize what our hindrances have been, to LET IT GO and START ALL OVER AGAIN.  We need to REPENT, have that godly SORROW, to ask for ANOTHER CHANCE … a SECOND CHANCE.  If we just ADMIT TO HIM our faults with A REPENTANT HEART, He’s willing and able to FORGIVE US FOR OUR SINS and continue USING US.  The past doesn’t matter; HE won’t hold it against you, He’ll USE IT FOR HIS GLORY.

Today is A PERFECT DAY to ALLOW CHANGE to happen in our lives.  Our HOLY GOD is waiting to use HIS holy people. Make Him smile.  Let’s desire to be people after HIS OWN HEART.  So, I’ll start this off …

Lord, You are GREAT!  You are WISE and FORGIVING.  I come to You asking that You would continue to do a mighty! work within me.  If there be any sin within me, please reveal it and FORGIVE ME.  Help me to know God so that I can REPENT.  My love for you is deep O’ God but I believe it can extend deeper.  Open my heart and rid me of anything that does not GLORIFY YOU.  Keep me ATTENTIVE Lord so that I will not miss anything that YOU have for me.  Move me to a place in You that will cause all that You have deposited within me to come forth.  I love You Lord and I am WILLING TO BE USED BY YOU.  I know this is A PROCESS and that it will not be easy.  I’m willing Lord to endure whatever it takes to come to KNOW YOU BETTER.  Thank You for Your Kindness and Your Love.  Thank You for JESUS.  Amen and Amen.

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