And if you can use anything … I’M YOURS.  I remember years ago telling YOU that my heart and my life now belong to YOU. I remember TRULY making A VOW TO YOU and for the last THIRTY years I’ve honored that VOW.

Somebody once told me that NOTHING BECOMES SOMETHING IN YOUR HANDS.  And I remember thinking that I am nobody special but I could become somebody special.  And then I read in Psalms 139:14 that I WAS FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE BY YOU and my entire perspective seemed to change.  So, to you I OFFERED MY LIFE.  To others it may seem so small but Lord I know IN YOUR HANDS LITTLE BECOMES MUCH. 

Broken promises and dreams somehow have turned into DEFINED VISION since I gave my life to YOU.  Hopelessness has been replaced with an excitement in YOU. My once confused mind has been replaced by THE MIND OF YOU.  And Lord, all the thoughts, all the memories, the things that happened to me and around me, things that use to cause me so much pain and so much fear have now been replaced by thoughts of YOU, thoughts of ONE DAY MEETING YOU FACE-TO-FACE.  Now I SMILE when I close my eyes. You’ve replaced the unforgiveness with FORGIVENESS and Lord even to this day satan uses others to try to destroy me but somehow it doesn’t work anymore.  Thank You for teaching me YOUR AGAPE LOVE and how to pity those who seek to harm me.  Thank You for teaching me that VENGEANCE BELONGS TO YOU, that You will repay them and that I need to PROCEED IN YOUR PLANS.

I am so amazed Lord how You’ve taken my life and made it BENEFICIAL TO YOU and others.  I am so glad I GAVE IT TO YOU because You’re better at managing it than I was.  Is that because YOU CREATED ME?  Is it because YOU HAVE THE BLUEPRINTS?  I read in the Book of Jeremiah Chapter 29 that YOU KNOW THE PLANS YOU HAVE FOR ME and that they are for GOOD not disaster.  You said You’d give me A FUTURE and A HOPE.  You’ve kept Your PROMISE and I am grateful. I, too will keep my promise to YOU.

Lord, I know suffering in this ole world is not over for me but I have no concerns about that either because You said if I could only SUFFER WITH YOU for a little while, one day I would reign with YOU.  I have found A SAFE RESTING PLACE IN YOUR LOVE.   I am glad to RUN TO YOU to experience Your RESTORATION POWER.  My soul pants! for You Lord, just like that deer as it pants for water.  I long for You and I know one day we’ll embrace and I’ll hear You as You speak – WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT … WELL DONE MY DAUGHTER … WELL DONE.

I am still amazed how you can take a little ole broken down country girl and birth! so many miracles.  I continue to be amazed how You gave me such A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY and how You even use them to bless others.  You’ve proven to me that WE CAN BE ALL YOU SAID WE CAN BE, that WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH YOU.  Thank You for being my STRENGTH when weak, my JOY in sorrow, my SALVE when wounded, my SIGHT when blind.  Lord, thank You for being my PILLOW where I can lay my head and rest anytime I please.  Thank You for feeding me from Your table so full of beautiful Words that enable me to grow in YOU.

This is a wonderful Place to be and I will always find SATISFACTION and COMPLETION in YOU. 

Yes, this is all I had to offer Lord … MY LIFE … now YOURS…. 

The best I could do was to give MY LIFE “TO” YOU because YOU GAVE YOUR LIFE “FOR” ME….

Thank YOU…

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