“AROUND MIDNIGHT Paul and Silas were PRAYING AND SINGING HYMNS TO GOD, and the other prisoners were listening. SUDDENLY, there was a massive earthquake, and the PRISON WAS SHAKEN TO ITS FOUNDATIONS. All the doors immediately flew open, and THE CHAINS OF EVERY PRISONER FELL OFF!” (Acts 16:24-26)


Paul and Silas had A MIDNIGHT EXPERIENCE, how about you?  Has God shaken! your prison walls, loosen the chains of sin that had you captive and SET YOU FREE?  IS JESUS CHRIST YOUR FOUNDATION?  Have you ACCEPTED JESUS into your heart?  Paul and Silas were able to ENDURE because they knew how to HANDLE SITUATIONS; they had A RESCUER that they knew would step in right on time!  They TRUSTED HIM and already knew how to get HIS ATTENTION; so they could continue doing what they always did … PRAYED AND WORSHIPED the God whom they served DAILY.  They found SAFETY and COMFORT in HIM.  Who are you WORSHIPING? Who do you bow down to? What’s your STATUS?


Have you ever had MIDNIGHT EXPERIENCES even during the day?  Ever felt there was no way out, felt lost and lonely, no escape?  Are situations and unfortunate circumstances, sins of the past and present, terrible relationships and just pit-experiences holding you CAPTIVE?  If so, I come to tell you that there is ONE who will CHANGE YOUR STATUS.  His name is JESUS, our Mighty God … King of kings … Lord of lords … Savior and LOVER OF MY SOUL.


There is ONE that will COME TO YOUR RESCUE even in the worst of situations. So many have not moved to THE PLACE OF WORSHIP, that place of OBEDIENCE, that place where you have LET IT ALL GO into His Hand in order to BE FREE IN HIM.  This is a place of ESCAPE, HOLY ESCAPE, the Place where you can STAND EVEN IN THE MIDST OF YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES knowing that IT’S JUST A MATTER OF TIME before the doors will be opened and your DELIVERANCE will come. 


What is your present status?  Don’t get comfortable in the “Pit” that you’re in.  Get to that Place of CHANGING YOUR STATUS.  Does your heart belongs to JESUS?  If so, don’t ever forget that you are an heir to THE KING!!!!  Get your “goods” … possess! your FREEDOM.  You say you RECEIVED HIS SALVATION, so get on with LIVING IN THE FREEDOM HE HAS GIVEN to you.  Your HIDING PLACE is in HIM.  The adversary (satan) may have you locked down but if you’re LOCKED UP IN THE LOVE OF JESUS … Don’t sweat the “small stuff”.  Find your Place of WORSHIP and WAIT for your DELIVERANCE!


I met a young minister, Rev. Joshua Cole, that has blessed my heart and the heart of Higher Praise Christian Church (HPCC) so much through His Love for the LORD.  He, as I am, is A WORSHIPER.   




It blesses me to be able to EXPERIENCE GOD through his walk with the LORD.  Who can see the FREEDOM in you?  Who can EXPERIENCE GOD with and through you?  Who has encouraged you through the gifts God has given?  What are your gifts that you allow to lay dormant in the prison of your self-pity?  Loose them! and set them free! in order to BE USED BY GOD.





“And ye shall KNOW THE TRUTH, and THE TRUTH shall make you FREE.”  (John 8:32)


“IF the SON therefore shall make you FREE, ye shall BE FREE INDEED.”  (John 8:36)

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