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Can we just AGREE TO DISAGREE and get on with THE FATHER’S BUSINESS? 

It amazes me how GOD works.  Are you still able to be amazed or do you already know it all?  Have you seen it all?  Have you done it all?  Every day God shows me more of HIMSELF, how He works and I am grateful.

He showed Himself STRONG and ABLE as He led our church meeting last Friday night.  We all came to LIFT JESUS in the work HE is using us to accomplish.  It was AMAZING!  I thank Him for people who love HIM with their whole hearts.  I am thankful that Higher Praise is ON ONE ACCORD and that we are destined to DO what the LORD has mandated for this hour.

Then, I watched HIM move! in our Sunday Service, how He administered LOVE through His children to those hurting and sick.  I watched as He ministered to the hearts of the young and how the focus moved from self to HIM.  I watched as He touched! the hearts of our “babies” and they came forth to accept Him.  I watched as His presence filled the room like a sweet smelling savor. I watched as He broke! yokes and set the captive free!  I watched as He did only what HE could do!  I took in all He had for me…. The miracles, the signs and wonders, we’ve witnessed in the last three years causes us to KNOW of POWER! … His fulfilling of HIS PROMISES and of HIS DIVINE FAVOR.  And He says to us … this is only the beginning of what He has planned for us…

When GOD’S PEOPLE all show up with the same purpose, to GIVE HIM THE PRAISE, HONOR AND GLORY in whatever we do, everything seems to just work out and you leave out never being the same.  Still, I pray for those who have not GIVEN THEMSELVES AWAY to experience this FREEDOM IN JESUS CHRIST.  To be so focused and determined to please the LORD, not ourselves, not others … that’s the only way we’ll be able to MOVE FORWARD.

Why is it that we, as CHRISTians, can’t GET ALONG?  We so often are not ON ONE ACCORD.  Why is it that we think we should have all the say and GOD has no time to express HIMSELF?  Why do we try to “box” Him up and set him on a shelf until we “think” we need Him?  Why do we try to “program” HIM out?  Why are we so afraid of A TRUE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE?  Why are we not SEEKING AND EXPECTING HIS GLORY to engulf us?  Why isn’t it happening in all churches in the land? 

WHY CAN’T WE JUST ALL GET ALONG?  Why don’t we GET OVER OURSELVES and RECEIVE THE BLESSINGS He has already given?  Why don’t we accept who we are in CHRIST and stop trying to make ourselves something else?  Remember the “woes” my friends, HE’S STILL A JEALOUS GOD.  Check yourself.  Examine YOURSELF and be open to changes and improvements IN HIM.  There’s still “warranty” left and HE CAN FIX IT, whatever the problem may be.  Ask Him to FIX IT JESUS!  FIX IT!!!!

Well, I don’t know about you and your “church” but we’re aiming to GET ALL HE HAS FOR US!!!!!!!  Glory! to His name!!!!!!  Hallelujah! God … Hallelujah … Bring it on God! 

If you can use ANYTHING Lord, You can use HPCC!

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