“Heart-picked” by GOD …….

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David was a man after GOD’S own heart …. As I read the Scriptures years ago, I prayed to be so … a WOMAN after God’s own heart.  I wanted to get to KNOW the heart of God, to move! by the heart of God, to hear Him speak, to come to that place of TRUST that I no longer walk in worry and no longer look for DIVINE instruction through man but to get instruction DIRECTLY from the ONE Who gives DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS.  I wanted to be an instrument in HIS CAPABLE HANDS, to be molded, shaped! and re-shaped by HIM.  I wanted to be the BEST I CAN BE because HE prepared me to be.  Well … He’s still working on me and in me and through me …. PERFECTION won’t come here but I’m pressing on IN HIM because that’s where PERFECTION is … IN HIM.

I am so thankful that HE “Heart-picked” me.  I am so thankful that I was not “man-picked” by a resume to even give them the idea of controlling me.  I am so thankful that HE TRUSTED ME enough to CHOOSE ME to pastor a people who loves Him and to grow others to COME TO LOVE HIM.  I am so thankful that I am able to keep the focus on HIM that HE can heal not only me but … HIS people.  I can’t be everywhere but HE CAN …. He’s able.  I can’t fix every problem, but I know A GOD WHO CAN!  I can’t take away past memories that keep His children entangled in hurts but MY GOD CAN!  I know He can take all that HE ALLOWED and bring good for us and GLORY TO HIM! 

I’m going to keep on chasing after all that HE has for me.  I want HIS HEART to be pleased with my heart. As a little child I had to LISTEN  in order to survive the struggles and even now I do.  I had to and have to LISTEN in order to bear the pains of life.  My spirit has become TEACHABLE.  I thank God for all He has brought me through.  I thank God that through it all … HE NEVER LEFT ME, He brought me through and I am still coming THROUGH each and every day.  I am BETTER not bitter.  I am having a glorious time with my Savior.  He amazes me and I am excited! still as a little child about all He tells me and shows me and entrust into my spirit and my care.  I’m striving to walk in His footsteps, to IMITATE HIM … my FATHER. 

He tells me that He loves my heart … and I tell Him that I LOVE HIS HEART.  Then He tells me … You’re looking more like Me every day … just keep trusting Me …. I hear Him as HE SPEAKS to my heart each day …. WELL DONE … WELL DONE …. and all I wait to see is … HIS FACE and to feel HIS WARM EMBRACE even more than I do today.  I love Him God’s people … I just love Him …. It’s a sweet and simple kind of LOVE that I have for Him.  I don’t have to prove anything to man …. I just have to walk in HIS LOVE.  I’ve gotten pretty good at that even if I have to say so myself … For His time He’s giving to me … I am grateful … I can’t do anything other than SERVE HIM … Lord, I worship YOU on this day.  Thank You for “HEART-PICKING” lil’ ole me!!!!!!!!

I’ve come to find that when man picks you, they often times believe they can control you … but! … A PERSON WHO TRULY LOVES THE LORD CAN NOT BE CONTROLLED BY MAN.  I’ve also come to the understanding

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