Be loosed! … hallelujah! … and be used! in JESUS’ name!  My mind is pondering this morning and I am encouraged to encourage!  There is a spirit of “relaxtivity” amongst Christians.  We are telling ourselves we’re “busy” in the LORD but in reality, we are just busy.  God has “needs” of you.  He desires to build HIS KINGDOM here on earth. 

We are so caught up in ourselves that we won’t allow HIM to remove those things that hinder us. We’ve become so comfortable in our sins.  We tell ourselves that we are serving Him because we go to church and we get “our” praise on.  We get excited not because of the Spirit of God moving in the place but because so many have been and still are relying on people to motivate and stir up! whatever it is in us.  When the Spirit of God moves in the atmosphere He brings us to HUMILITY, to a place where we are able to bow down, to lift our hands in praise, to give of ourselves, to let go of us and our expectations and become AVAILABLE to HIM. 

How can any pastor, any minister, any Chrisitan make you over?  They can’t …  It is time for GOD’S PEOPLE to LET GO AND LET GOD!  One of the things that I’ve found so prevalent on the lips of Christians is … “he” or “she” made me do it or “I can’t move forward because of this and that!”  It is in my spirit this morning to let you know that YOU CAN! DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU!  Stop speaking it and walk it!!!!!  Speak, if anything, those things in the atmosphere that you hear the Spirit of God speaking and claim them as yours!  How will you grow? How will you know if you don’t let go of this worldly “stuff” and that’s all it is … STUFF!  If you truly desire to walk after the Lord, to live in that spirit realm … take those sins that you say you see in others and see if you have some yourself … take them to the foot of the Cross and leave them there. 

It’s a brand new year, a brand new season … get what is yours already!  You’re your own worst enemy!!!!!!!! Oh, yes you are …. yeah … you are …. so …. GET BUSY … LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!  2011! …  Whatever it is Lord You’re doing in this season … PLEASE DON’T DO IT WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!  Moving forward … will you?


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