All too often I look around and see the churches full of the so-called “elites” and I know something’s wrong.  Maybe it’s just me but there should be such a mixture of people as you enter a service that just taking a quick look should make us wonder if we saw it from a street corner as people hurriedly went about their business.  There should be businessmen/women dressed in suits, young, and old dressed in tattos, those tore up! and messed up from the influence of the world looking for somebody to love and accept them the way they are.  There should be those bound, depressed and oppressed and just looking for some relief because THEY HEARD ABOUT JESUS.  There should be those crippled and lame and lunatic. There should be such an influx of broken down people that we get the OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE JESUS, to preach and teach and deliver! 

I want to stay so GOD CAN USE ME.  I want to aid those that feel there’s no place for me.  I want to be so REAL that like on yesterday … tears just flow from the mere acts of LOVE and KINDNESS that God brings forth from within HIS PEOPLE.  I want to see the drug addict stand!, the alcoholic lift holy hands and GIVE HIM OR HERSELF AWAY.  I want to see the grieved come out of depression!  I want to see children trained up! in the way they should go, looking at EXAMPLES BEFORE THEM.  I want to see those who blessing and thanking God for all He’s done lift up! holy hands and truly turn their lives over to HIM.  I want to see those who have carried the past all their lives finally lay it to rest and step into the NOW! 

I want to look out after all God does during the service and see a people who have RECEIVED HIS POWER!!!  I want them to leave the sanctuary FREE and able to go out and come back with more collect harvest.  I want to see a congregation that accepts ANYBODY who walks in, not looking down on them except to PICK THEM UP!  Oh, I thank YOU JESUS for placing me in the midst of a place like this!  I thank YOU for HIGHER PRAISE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, a place of TRUE RESTORATION, a place of AGAPE LOVE. 

Lord, please help me to always stay so YOU CAN USE ME and the people that YOU are raising up within the walls.  Keep us humble dear Lord, able to see and hear You.  Keep us free from worldly distraction … Whatever You’re doing in this season I just pray You won’t do it without me/us … Thank You for giving us the opportunity to change the world through LIVING YOUR WORD … being the hands, feet, ears, eyes and hearts that You need. Thank You for focus Lord, for helping us to be able to say we just experienced “heaven” because You allowed us to visit You in the “secret place”.  And thank You for allowing us to meet You at the seashore of Your LOVE in order to experience Your daily works amongst Your people …

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